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Hot Sale Small Van Finance from Automobiles Stamping Supplier

What is auto small van finance?

Auto finance, such as Small van finance, is that consumers can directly apply for preferential payment methods to auto finance companies when they need loans to purchase cars, and can choose different models and different payment methods according to their own individual needs. Compared with banks, auto finance, such as Small van finance, is a new choice for car buying. Auto finance, such as Small van finance, is the combination of the auto industry and finance and is an important area of the financial industry.

Small van finance

Auto finance, such as Small van finance, mainly refers to the financial services related to the auto industry.

It is the method, path, or financing of financing involved in various links. Such as automobile research and development, design, production, circulation, and consumption. The basic framework, that is, how the capital flows in the automotive field, and the capital circulation channels from the capital supplier to the capital demanded. It mainly includes fundraising, credit utilization, mortgage discounting, financial leasing, and related insurance and investment activities. It is the inevitable result of the mutual penetration of the automobile industry and the financial industry.

Auto finance, such as Small van finance, is the combination of the auto industry and finance, and is an important field of current industrial finance.

Auto finance, such as Small van finance, realizes the integration of industry and finance through capitalization of resources, capitalization of assets, capitalization of intellectual property rights, and capitalization of future value, and promotes its interactive development, thereby realizing value appreciation. The development of auto finance, such as Small van finance, in addition to developing various auto finance products, but also to provide solutions for auto finance participants. In the book “Industrial Finance”, a full life cycle auto finance service system is coming up and Listed various financial instrument applications and cases.

At the same time, a series of solutions are proposed:

Firstly, overall solution for car manufacturers;

Secondly, overall solution for auto dealers;

Thirdly, overall solution for auto insurance companies;

Fourthly, overall solution for auto financial institutions.

Substituting “rent” for “sale” is also a kind of automobile financing lease, such as Small van finance. It first appeared in the United States and has now become the mainstream auto financial service in the United States. He is different from the traditional financial loan to buy a car. He is renting the car to the customer. At this time, the ownership of the car belongs to the auto finance company. When the lease expires, the ownership of the car belongs to the customer. The advantages of this kind of “renting” instead of “selling” auto finance for wealth creation are:

(1) The package lease method reduces the threshold for a car purchase.

Chuangfu Auto Finance, such as Small van finance, regards naked car payment; purchase tax; license fee; insurance; and other taxes as the object of installment payment. And customers only need to pay 20% of all payments as a deposit and 1% handling fee for 1 year. You can obtain the right to use the vehicle. And the 20% deposit will be returned after the end of the lease period. This approach reduces the burden on customers to pay for the initial purchase of a car. This allows customers to use more funds for investment and financial management.

(2) Rent is a kind of expense.

It provides value-added tax invoices for enterprises. It can use as a voucher for reimbursement of car stickers. And it can also use as a basis for enterprises to make accounts.



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