Since 2019, we ship VC5 model small school buses to Peru. This is a 4.3M long model with 7-11 seats.

Client got the units those are for small school bus.

With the small school bus, we can better serve the children in Peru and make parents more at ease.

Small school bus

The interior space is fresh and bright, and the overall interior is nail-free. The touchable parts are soft to prevent children from playing and bumping. Every design is meticulous. A new generation of student-specific environmentally friendly seats according to the physical characteristics of the students. Developed, beautiful in appearance, and more comfortable to ride; the new instrument panel adopts a car-like design. It is more intelligent, and the information display and reading are simpler and more convenient. The NVH mute technology and a large number of applications on the basis of sound absorption and sound insulation structure design. Special materials for sound insulation and noise reduction create a quiet riding environment. This making the journey to school more relaxing and pleasant.

Small school bus

“School bus service, safety first”, is the first principle.

These school buses have a full range of safety care. It is adopting a diamond closed ring structure body frame, an integral through-type straight girder chassis. Moreover, a complete vehicle cathodic electrophoresis process and a full load-bearing assembly process. Therefore, it can ensure the vehicle body has a small deformation in the event of an accident. The front and rear are equipped with high-strength anti-collision beams to effectively protect the body from a frontal collision.

The side/rear escape doors are barrier-free in design, easy to operate, and can quickly escape in emergency situations. Moreover, wide-angle rearview mirrors/blind-filling mirrors + front and rear video surveillance to ensure no field of view Dead angle. It equipped with advanced design and technology such as a parking signal arm. Also the closed bottom and top push-pull side windows, intelligent fire extinguishing device in the engine compartment, and centralized unlocking function of seat belts.

It is further improves the safety factor of the whole vehicle; in addition, the suspension and steering system is optimized for easy operation Flexible, and smoother driving. What’s more with the front-reaching engine, fuel tank anti-collision device, disc brake, and new retarder. It can cope with complicated road conditions such as winding mountain roads and narrow roads in old urban areas.

After years of painstaking research and development, using technology to guard the dream of the future, these school buses have achieved a significant leap in safety, reliability, and environmental protection. Moreover, they will better protect the children’s way to school.



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