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Small Electric vans

Since 2019, China’s SMALL ELECTRIC VANS has been very popular in Europe. As of December 20, the sales volume of China’s SMALL ELECTRIC VANS reached 30,000 units in Europe, especially the United Kingdom.

Small Electric vans

Why can China’s SMALL ELECTRIC VANS bloom inside the wall and outside the wall?

One is that brand awareness has inherent advantages.

China’s SMALL ELECTRIC VANS has been receiving a high degree of attention since its return to the European market. And the current hot-selling countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia and India are all Commonwealth countries.

The second is that China’s MINIVANS has seized the market opportunity of turning to pure electric vehicles in Europe.

As European countries began to implement strict emission limit policies, China’s SMALL ELECTRIC VANS has formulated a market strategy to focus on electric vehicles early on.

Frank, the European Sales and Marketing Director, said: “Many automakers are launching electric vehicles. While few really focus on electric vehicles. Many car companies are still stuck in the old age, but we are different. China’s minivans has already realized it. The convenience and future trends of electric vehicles.”

Third, China’s SMALL ELECTRIC VANS is indeed very advantageous in terms of cost performance.

The price is cheap, but the quality of China’s SMALL ELECTRIC VANS is not low. WLTP has a range of 262km, electric heating seats, Car play, panoramic sunroof, and a 5-star E-NCAP crash test. It also provides a seven-year unlimited mileage warranty. Simply excellent value for money.

A senior reporter from the British “Auto Express” commented: “China’s minivan is one of the most successful sales cases in 2020. The main reason for the substantial increase in sales is that China’s SMALL ELECTRIC VANS has humbly launched its low-priced and fully compliant products. Today’s pure-electric models in demand for households have been seen by automakers in Germany, Japan, and South Korea. They are paying close attention to the pricing of China’s minivans and trying to make countermeasures.

Overseas sales are rising steadily.

In October last year, China also opened the first self-operated auto shipping route to Europe in the Chinese auto industry. It is further accelerating the pace of international development.

On the day of the opening of the route, more than 1,800 Chinese SMALL ELECTRIC VANS drove into the green ferry on a white background. Some of the vehicles destined for the port of Bristol in the United Kingdom and the final destination was the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium.

The opening of the new route can shorten the order-to-delivery time by 20-30%. It have controllable shipping positions, and ensure the safety and timeliness of the supply chain.

We believe that by 2025, China’s minivan export volume will reach the 100,000-class level in Europe.



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