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Same with off road minivans, KINGSTAR VF4 with advanced VVT engine and high horsepower

Do you like off-road vehicles, such as off-road minivans and truck?  Let’s know-how is off-road vehicle first.

What is off road vehicle?

Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) is a kind of vehicle specially designed for off-road, which mainly refers to off-road vehicles that can be used on rugged ground.  The main features are a non-load-bearing body, four-wheel drive, high chassis, tires with good grip on the ground, high exhaust pipe, high horsepower, and thick bumper.  Off-road vehicles can not only adapt to various road conditions in the wild but also give people a rough and heroic feeling.  In cities, many people like to drive off-road vehicles, including off-road minivans.

Off-road vehicles are members of the military automobile family, and most of them have certain off-road driving abilities. That is to say, these vehicles can drive on poor road surfaces or areas and battlefields without roads at all.  Later, in order to meet the needs of combat, a military vehicle with stronger off-road capability appeared. Which is commonly called a military off-road vehicle.

Off road vehicles in different countries

In many countries, especially in the west, there are few special names for off-road vehicles. But off-road is widely used, that is, driving off the road, includes off road minivans. In this way, four-wheel-drive off-road vehicles must be used as carriers.  Four-wheel drive is to improve the car’s hiding power on bad roads.  By using the four-wheel drive, the engine power is evenly distributed to four wheels, greatly reducing the wheel’s slip and idling.  

So that the torsion force of each wheel is less likely to exceed its own grip performance.  The grip of tires is most affected on muddy, slippery roads and snow.  Four-wheel drive has great advantages, besides safety, it is also more enjoyable to drive. The four-wheel-drive modes have 2h-high-speed two-wheel (4×2) drive, urban and good road use; 4H- High-speed four-wheel drive (4×4), used in snow and wet road; 4L- Low-speed four-wheel drive (4×4), when need the great driving torque, as rugged mud, sand, and dangerous hillside.  However, if you want to master it well, you need a practical operation and rich cross-country experience.

Same performance with off road minivans from KINGSTAR

At present, we have no off road minivans, but we have normal minivans to meet most of the daily use.  Such as KINGSTAR VF4 7-8 seats minivan. 

off road minivans

It is with German standard manufacturing concept, first-class production lines and technology result in a superior quality product.  4.5 m³ interior volume, 690 kg load capacity which is superior to this vehicle segment.  FQTS full-side safety protection, first-time pass of the crash test.

There are gasoline and electric version.  The gasoline engine is a new generation advanced VVT engine, high horsepower with low fuel- consumption.

The electric version is as follows.

Battery Type: LFP

Total Battery Storage (kwh): 21.8 or 32.7

Max. Speed(km/h): ≥70    

Wheelbase: 2700mm

Seat: 2/5

Motor: Permanent Magnet Synchronous

If you want to know more catalog and price list of this kind of off road minivans, please contact us, we will show you more information.  



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  1. Sunil phad

    I want this pasenjar van 7/8 siter in India.

    • Dear Sunil Phad:
      It’s nice to hear from you.
      The catalogue and price will send to you by mail.
      This mode have both gasoline and electric type. I send to you the gasoline type firstly. If you want electric type will send to you then.
      Pls. kindly check which one you would like to choose.
      And how much quantity you want to buy?

    • Dear Sunil:
      We replied by mail but the mail was returned by the system. Could you pls. confirm your mail address right or not? sunilphad6888@gimel.com