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Reliable and Competitive Minivan Chinas Models From KINGSTAR

At the very beginning, Chinas does not have its minivan. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, China imported some “tool cars” from Japan, people thought the exterior shape of the car just like bread, then “tool car” was replaced by the name of “bread car”. With the rapid development of the economy and industry, China has its own minivan and own brands.

The minivan has integrated the characteristics of passenger cars and commercial cars. But from usage, it is a multifunction vehicle. You can transport passengers or loading cargo.

KINGSTAR minivan with 62 years of vehicle factory technology precipitation support, we can fully meet the personalized needs of customers.

The minivan we are going to introduce is the model we called VW5.

1. The core competitiveness of the minivan chinas VW5

Large loading large space

 The cargo compartment is separated from the driving area which created more space for cargo. With super-strong chassis, it can provide greater loading capacity.

Durable super anti fouling

  The enclosed warehouse adopts one-time stamping forming, which has the function of “five preventions”. Such as rain prevention, dust prevention, damage prevention, pollution prevention, and cargo sprinkling prevention.

More freedom and flexibility

This minivan chinas can be used as a special logistics transport vehicle, suitable for urban and rural roads. Strong power and energy saving

The minivan equipped with a 1.5L engine and has strong power. Fuel consumption is quite low and saving more substantial.

2. The exterior of the minivan chinas VW5

We have upgraded the exterior appearance of VW5. It adopted the beast’s front face which is full of domineering. Minivan version is the basic design source of VW5 minibus based on the best-selling model designed by the famous China design team.

The dimension of the minivan chinas VW5 is 4,490 * 1,615 * 1,900mm, the wheelbase is 3,050mm. Which is longer than the wheelbase of most minivans.

 2.1 Side door and tail door can be opened together. More goods can be easily loaded and unloaded. Equipped with a multi-stage leaf spring, the bearing capacity beyond your imagination.

 2.2 Windows are optional items, this minivan chinas can carry goods or people. You can choose the comfortable model with 8 seats as the standard or the high-efficiency model with 11 seats.   

3. Super space of the minivan chinas VW5

Strong bearing capacity and large cargo space of 5.2 cubics meter large cargo space. Safer separation of people and goods; Aluminum alloy pattern floor, fashionable and beautiful, clean and antirust. The cargo compartment is separated from the driving area which is a great choice for loading cargo. What’s more, the super-strong chassis provides greater carrying capacity.

3.1 The large carrying space in the car is convenient for customers to load wider and higher goods. The tail gate threshold height is 530mm from the ground which is easily getting on and off. The length from the driver’s seat to the tailgate reaches 2,700mm, it is convenient for customers to load longer goods.

Minivan Chinas

4. The interior of the minivan chinas VW5

The length from the second-row seat to the tail door is 1920mm, the effective loading space can still reach 3700L. Which is equivalent to the maximum carrying space of an ordinary micro passenger vehicle. The length from the third-row seat to the tail door is 1150mm, the effective loading space still reaches 2200L with 7~8 passengers.

VW5 minivan chinas sliding door opening size more than 700mm, which is 10% larger than ordinary minivan opening size. It is more convenient to load and unload large size goods directly from the middle door, and the loading efficiency is higher. The middle door uses a classic sliding door design, which takes up very little space when opening the door.

5. The Chassis of the minivan chinas VW5

5.1 The tires equipped on this minivan chinas VW5 are enhanced tires of 175/70R14C. Not only strong bearing capacity but also effectively reduced the occurrence of tire bulge phenomenon. With longer service life, high-speed driving is safer and more reliable. VW5 minivan chinas adopts intubated rear axle to effectively avoid oil leakage from the rear axle.

5.2 The chassis of the minivan chinas VW5 adopts the reinforced beam design, which further improved the load-bearing performance of the minivan. The number of welding points of VW5 increased by 15% compared with regular models. The bending strength and torsion strength of the minivan are 30% higher than those body length is over 4 meters. VW5 uses a 10inch brake booster which further increased braking force. The braking system is fast but steady to make the driving safely.

6. The stability and reliability of minivan chinas VW5

The top of the VW5 minivan chinas has four reinforced supports from front to back, making the roof stronger and safer. The first, second, third, and fourth-row seats of the VW5 minivan chinas are matched with three-point safety belts, further enhancing the safety of drivers and passengers. Combined with the headlight height adjustment device in the car, it makes the driver safer to drive at night.

6.1 The braking system we used on this minivan chinas is the ABS + EBD braking system. Front disc and rear drum hydraulic brake.

6.2 The front suspension of VW5 minivan chinas is McPherson independent suspension, the rear suspension is rear leaf spring independent suspension.

6.3 The steering is EPS.

7. Specification of VW5 minivan chinas

In this minivan model we could make it to a minibus with an 8~11 seat, also could make it to a cargo van depends on your needs. Below the detailed information for your reference.

Minivan Chinas

8. The color options of VW5 minivan chinas

We could provide OEM and customized service, should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us!



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