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BG3 11-15 Seat Minibus Is A Classic Model from One Of Our Vehicle Makers

BG3 11-15 Seats minibus is a classic model from one of our vehicle makers. From 1995 to now, 26 years have not let this model gradually fade away from everyone’s sight. On the contrary, our factory constantly innovates products according to market demand, injecting fresh blood into the products, and endowing the BG3 model with vigorous vitality.

1. Story about BG3 model

In 1995, one of our vehicle makers introduced the fourth-generation “Sea Lion” model from Toyota, Japan. However, it is far from enough just to transplant it to be successful. In order to make the BG3 model truly lead in the Chinese market, our factory, one of our vehicle makers has made great efforts. First of all, it has digested and innovated Toyota’s production process. This production line was improved in the design of the car production line, and the BG3 model was made according to the standard of car making, which also positioned the BG3 model at the technological high point from the very beginning.

In addition, the production line adopts a number of international high-standard equipment. The introduction of high-end equipment has enabled the BG3 model to win at the starting line, but our factor, one of our vehicle makers has never stopped the research and innovation of independent technology. Old employees recalled: “In the early days when Toyota experts came to our company to teach technology, they often praised our workers for their intelligence and initiative, love to study, dare to speak and do, and had many surprising ideas, some of which suggested that they also reported back to the Japanese headquarters.” Over the past 20 years, with the adoption of cathodic electrophoresis technology, the formation of personalized production mode, wet-to-wet spraying technology, the renewal iteration of power system, the research and development of BG3 model in the middle top, and the introduction of extended BG3. 

Our factory, one of our vehicle makers has continuously improved the products and made technological innovations so that the technology and configuration of the BG3 model can keep pace with the market demand.

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2. Multifunctional and widely applicable for BG3 model

Nowadays, with the acceleration of China’s urbanization process and the continuous growth of logistics and special vehicle market demand in new energy cities, our factory, one of our vehicle makers is well aware of the trend of BG3 model’s personalized development, expanding the new energy field, and continuously promoting the optimized development of models that are specialized, instrumental, multi-purpose and cost-effective, such as urban distribution, postal service, medical rescue, electric power repair, urban and rural passenger transportation, etc. Because of its versatility and wide application, the BG3 model can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys of more cities. It is for different market demands and changes of user market that the BG3 model can open up more space in the fierce market competition by relying on strong technical support to form the coverage of vehicle products.

If you like the BG3 model from one of our vehicle makers, please contact us, we will show you more information.



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