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The Very Qualified Minibus Supplier of KINGSTAR

There are so many automobile manufacturers in China, some of them are sedan suppliers, some of them are SUV suppliers, some of them are minibus suppliers and some of them are electric vehicles or trucks supplier and etc. We KINGSTAR as a minibus supplier, have exported our vehicles to over 90 countries and regions in the past 18 years. Our products quality and competitive is one of the most important reasons that our clients love to cooperate with us.

On 15th Oct, our factory has passed the IATF16949: 2016 Quality Management System successfully and recertified in 2021.

Our factory had the on-site re-certification audit on 15th Oct by Beijing’s famous certification company. It is reported that the audit team had reviewed and confirmed the purpose, scope, outsourcing of the company according to the IATF16949: 2016 version of the Quality Management System standards. And also had a full audit to three categories: the process of customer orientation, management process, and support process; included 20 specific processes. This audition confirmed the quality system established by the company meets all requirements. The quality policy and objectives are appropriate, the annual performance indicators are basically completed. And the control of product safety and customer requirements show a very good trend. The audit team believes that the successful quality management of our factory meets the requirements of the IATF16949:2016 standard, and the system runs effectively.

Through this on-site audit, our factory continuously improved the quality management system in the actual operation process. Further strengthened the importance of quality records and standardization work. We had a new understanding of product quality assurance and laid a solid foundation for the quality management system’s effective operation in the future.

GCC certification minibus from professional minibus supplier – KINGSTAR

minibus supplier

This minibus we called VC4 which is one of our hot sale minibuses. Especially in the Middle East, our clients had a great sale and we have GCC certification for this model. The reason this minibus with a great sale is due to the engine performance being as good as SUZUKI. With very low fuel consumption, good emission, low noise, and high reliability.

The specification of model VC4

It is a gasoline minibus with 7 to 8 seats. This kind of minibus is very suitable for those big families or businessmen as it not only with great passenger experience but also with great cargo loading space.

The overall dimension of this minibus is 4,010 * 1,620 * 1,915mm, the wheelbase of the minibus is 2,700mm. The curb vehicle weight is 1,160kg, the gross vehicle weight is 1,850kg. The fuel tank capacity is 45L. For this minibus, we matched a 5-speed manual gearbox. The front suspension is an independent suspension, the rear is a parallel leaf spring and absorber. The max speed of the vehicle is ≥ 130km per hour. And the emission is Euro IV. In this model, we also have the upgrading version that is emission standard of Euro V. Which could most countries standards.

If you are interested in this model, please feel free to contact your professional minibus supplier – KINGSTAR.



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