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VF4 7-8 Seater 4.071 meter Gasoline LHD RHD Electric RHD $5,900-6,300
VF5 7-11 Seater 4.421 meter Gasoline LHD RHD Electric RHD $15,500-23,400
J5 9- 16 Seater 5.4 meter Gasoline LHD/RHD $14,000-22,000
Y6 7-16 Seater 5.915 meter Gasoline LHD/RHD Diesel LHD/RHD $26,000-28,000
Y7 9-23 Seater 7.49 meter Diesel LHD/RHD $30,000-40,000

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We are manufacturer for SPV for sale. If you are the distributor who want to buy SPV in large quantity, Please contact with us. We can support 1 sample car for test.

VF4 Special Vehicle: 4.071meters.

VF5 Special Vehicle: max 4.421 meters.

Both of the VF4 and VF5 can be customized to be special purpose vehicle according to customer’s request.

Able to support exterior picture printing customization on car body.

What is special vehicle?

A special vehicle is for special purpose, such as, ambulance, prison car, police car, cargo truck or mail car. These vehicles are for special application, like government or special administrative unit. In China, according to the national standard GB/T 17350 Terms, Codenames and Compilation Methods for Special Purpose Motor Vehicle and Semi-trailers, Special Purpose Motor Vehicle is defined as “a vehicle equipped with special equipment and special functions for special transportation tasks or special operations and other special purposes”. In Japan, special purpose vehicles (also known as special vehicles) are defined as vehicles equipped with special devices.

Highway freight vehicles are generally modified to transport and complete a variety of different operations. The carriage of the general special purpose vehicle used for transportation has box type, tank type, dump type, warehouse type, grid type and truss type and other types, can transport different nature, state and requirements of goods, such as: liquid, gaseous and bulk powder or granular solid goods; Animals such as livestock, poultry and fresh fish; Goods requiring heat preservation, freshness preservation, freezing and refrigeration; Highly toxic, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, etc. In countries with large car production, there are also special vehicles for transporting 8 ~ 10 cars at a time.

Another kind of general purpose vehicle is for specialized operations. This car, in order to achieve different on chassis equipped with corresponding operation equipment, such as shops, garbage trucks, sweeper, sprinkler, environmental protection monitoring vehicles, cement mixer truck, dump truck, suck the dirt, dung sucking, overhead working truck, car refrigerator car, lifting transporter, advertising vehicle, power station the, car repair, emissary, the fracturing car, scientific investigation, police cars, fire engines, aircraft tractor, browser, charging car, locomotive air compression, ambulances and medical facilities cars, books, cars, television of vans, postal telecommunications car and snow removal, etc.

Price Policy for Distributor

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Popular SPV for Sale:

Classification of Special Vehicles:

Special vehicles are divided into sanitation special vehicles, engineering special vehicles, special vehicles, business special vehicles, transport special vehicles, military special vehicles, etc.

We providing special vehicles including cargo truck, transport van, mail car, Ambulance, Prison van, patrol wagon, medical vehicle, hospital car, medical car, executive enforcement vehicles and radio cars. We can customize the special purpose vehicle according to customer’s request.

Cargo van/transport van

The van has two blind window type, five blind window type two models, the body has reflective stickers and the maximum total quality of spraying, warehouse part with window sealing iron plate seal; Mainly used to meet all kinds of freight needs.

Mail Car:

VF4 VF5mail car has 2 seats blind window type, 5 seats blind window type, a total of 2 models; The body looks postal green and postal

Labeling, the floor is made of wear-resistant fine pattern stainless steel plate, the roof can be equipped with “China Post” light box; Mainly used for mail

Government transportation industry, etc.

Executive law enforcement vehicle:

The VF4 VF5executive law enforcement vehicle is a 7-seater model, except for the “executive law enforcement vehicle” logo sprayed on the body, the rest. Consistent with civil vehicles; Mainly used in industry and commerce, tax bureau, etc

Ambulance Car:

The VF4 VF5medical vehicle is a 2-seat vehicle, equipped with the appearance of the medical vehicle, and equipped with a simple stretcher, an infusion hook,

Oxygen cylinder, fire extinguisher, ultraviolet disinfection lamp, rear power supply, first aid kit, PVC moistureproof floor, etc.

It is mainly used for rural health departments to tour the countryside or for emergency rescue.

Prison Car

The VF4 VF5is a 5-seat vehicle, equipped with a prison cage and a cage seat, and equipped with a prison vehicle tripod and alarm light

Chair, handcuffs, handcuffs and other equipment;It is mainly used in public security bureaus, police stations and judicial departments to hold prisoners or conduct daily patrols

The VF4 VF5 police vehicle is a 7-seat vehicle with a police car midpoint and a long row of police lights and sirens. The main use: It is used for public security organs, judicial organs and other departments to perform official duties.

1. Surging power: Helps you galloping all the way.

Special Vehicles van minibus

VM 2.5T high-pressure common rail turbocharged engine

Driving from the world-class Italian VM light diesel engine, matching the international-advanced intelligent electronically controlled fuel injection system from Bosch. Also, the engine provides surging power continuously. The maximum power is 120KW, and the maximum torque can reach 420 N*M. Moreover, with 100km combined road fuel consumption of just 9.1L, the engine achieves the perfect balance between power and fuel consumption.

2. Six speed Manual Gearbox:

Six-speed gearbox gear shifts rapidly clear. Ensure a strong powerful engine. Ever fount transmission to the wheel.

3. High-strength safety load-carrying body can effectively absorb collision energy and protect the driver and passengers. Airbags will protect you from a collision.

4. Parking sensors combined with a visual reversing image system give you confidence when parking. ABS+EBD guarantees the stability of the vehicle in an emergency. The latest version ESC 9.0 system will bring more security for a variety of road conditions.

5. Scientific and strict development process:

a. October 1st, 2012, after extensive market research, the new vehicle project’s market research report finally released.

This report shows that it would be a perfect time to develop a European minibus product. As well as a perfect combination of market needs and the company’s resources.

b. Learn from the European experience of the market, the main usage of the series has three models. Namely, passenger’s kombi and freight.
c. Europe is the birthplace of the vehicle and the product spectrum.

The parameter of the car can be identified at the beginning of the design. Including the overall size, the number of the seats, engine type, wheelbase, transmission, tire models, the suspension form, emission standards. These parameters not only describe the basic status of the product but also form the basic framework to constraint the design process.

d. As the core part of the vehicle, the power system affects the stability, security, and interoperability of the vehicle in the running state.

Our plan is to use the Italian technology VM diesel engines. It achieves the perfect balance between power, fuel consumption, and noise control. After being equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox, the engine’s surging power was like an endless stream transmitted to the tires.

e. Inviting ECS jointly developing this car with us is an important part of the design phase.

It reflects the concept that we use passenger vehicle standards to build a commercial car. Detailed through this cooperation, the ride comfort of this car will be greatly improved, and also our car-making level.

f. The first impression given to the public about a car is certainly the effect pictures from the designers’ pens.

It brings people an initial impression, when all the components are placed by the engineers and tires began to run. And only the initial design of a real car is completed.

g. These are photos of our continuous verification during the design process for vehicle safety, maneuverability, comfort, and other indicators. We need to constantly validate our design parameters are achieved.
h. Vehicle collision is what we never want to see.

When this happens, in order to know whether the vehicle can guarantee the safety of the crew. And whether the crew will be able to escape the traps, several cars of the first batch were cracked.

i. This picture is no longer the effect picture on paper, though modified, the details have been faithfully shown to the audience.

When designing came to an end, not all the work is complete, the products still need to verify by the market and constantly revised post-market, a product is never perfect so easy.

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Various Applications

  • Passenger public transportation
  • Business car rental
  • Hotel shuttle
  • Tourist car rental
  • Enterprise shuttle bus rental
  • School car rental
  • Airport pickup car rental
  • Logistic transportation
  • Public transportation
  • Family use
  • Special purpose: such as ambulance, police car, post car, Prison car, freezer van, Wheelchair minibus, School Bus
  • Community Activities,
  • Small Group Events Use
  • Transport Van, transit
  • Logistics vehicles
  • Passenger Van Rental



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