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Best Van Wholesaler inc online – KINGSTAR minibus

Van Wholesaler is a vehicle supplier who sells large quantity of van to car agency (or dealer, distributor, trader, enterprise) at a discounted price. And then the car agency in turn resell in smaller quantities at an even higher price to consumers. Normally, they can customize the van to special application scope according to customer’s special requirement. Such as, electric van, ice cream van, cargo van, camper van, burger van, handicap van, cube van for sale, elite auto, truck and so on.

1. WHY choose to cooperate with van wholesaler?

Basically speaking, van wholesaler has overwhelming advantages in technology, prices, and after-sale services.

Firstly, as a car maker, definitely, it is good at technology support when there are quality issues happen. Because fast and prompt feedback, improvement strategies come out immediately is very important to support the customer to solve problem quickly. In consequence, there are no worries for van dealers, distributors, or agency to cooperate with a reliable van wholesaler.

Secondly, the prices are almost 20%~30% down to buy from the van wholesaler. This is because the total cost for wholesaler is much cheaper than you buy from distributor. Good price support leaves you much more profit margin in business.

Finally, the after-sales services are satisfied. This is greatly due to high turnover of spare parts. As the van maker, spare parts are stand by always to make sure the production smoothly. So, it’s quite convenient for customer to get the right spare parts when it is necessary.

Van Wholesaler 2

2. 4 tips when send inquiry:

1). Make yourself clearly about the market that you are dealing with. Different market has different detail request such as (LHD)Left Hand riving, (RHD)Right Hand Driving. Electric type, gasoline type or diesel type. Different countries has different market preferences.

2). The certifications that you need.

3). Take notice of van detail parameter, Real-time quotation, market trend, quality commodity wholesale/supply information

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3. Buy direct from factory – the most reliable van wholesaler – KINGSTAR

Firstly, we, KINGSTAR VEHICLE COMPANY LIMITED are an authorized van wholesaler of main Chinese automobile manufacturers.  Engaging in automobile export business from 2004, main business scope includes automobile production, marketing, and services.  All staffs have rich experience in automobile production and export. 

Secondly, based on the technical cooperation with the different manufacturers, our KINGSTAR brand has come out to the market in the overseas market with marvelous success.  KINGSTSAR becomes a leading and professional company in the field of Chinese automobile exportation.

Our products have VAN, BUS, TRUCK, MPV, SUV, PICKUP, minibus, and EV (Electric vehicle), suitable and sellable in the overseas market. 

Over 20 years automobile export experience

Till now, we have exported Chinese vehicles to over 100 countries and regions,such as Bolivia, Peru, Nigeria, Jamaica, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Latvia, Angola, Ghana, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Suriname, Bulgaria, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Wallis & Futuna, Kuwait, Iraq, Nicaragua, Panama, Madagascar, Congo, Egypt. Bulgaria, Cyprus, Honduras, Gabon, El Salvador, Bahrain, UAE, USA, Guatemala, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Saint Martin, Malta, Namibia, Sudan, French Polynesia, Poland, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Botswana, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.

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Our vehicle types are different and wide

We have different vehicles, including mini-truck, light truck, heavy-duty trucks, micro-bus, minibus, big-sized bus, pickup, SUV, MPV, EV.  Regarding minivan, we have 2-28 seats in different types and models for minivan dealers to choose from.  OEM versions of vehicles are available.

Customized vehicles

Per the demand of the end markets, we could also customize the vehicles, such as offer OEM service by adopting brand logo from customers, technical and equipment modification as per demand from our clients, such as minivan dealer.

Different export mode, such as SKD and CKD assembled vehicles

SKD and CKD assembly of vehicles are also available for the markets which have a very high taxation system on import CBU cars.

The most reasonable prices

We are always cooperating with the key automobile manufacturers in China with shares and technical investment with them and achieving annual large purchasing quantity.  So, we can offer the most competitive prices to overseas dealers, including minivan dealer.

Flexible Shipment

We could arrange the shipment for different types of vehicles in the same container to save ocean freight.   Furthermore, we are the first company in China to load 3 units pickups or 4 units 6 meters long light trucks in one 40 feet high container.  Shipment by Ro-Ro vessel is available for most ports of destinations in South American, the Middle East, and Africa.

Good after-sales service

Based on professional technical skills and full-service enthusiasm, the overseas service team will provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality services to ensure that customers’ vehicles are under a good operating condition.  So, our dealers, including minivan dealer can be worry-free on it.

Genuine spare parts

After receiving spare parts order, we provide genuine spare parts in a short time.  If it is very urgent, it can be shipped by air within 10 days.

Providing technical train

We offer quick responses for technical questions and technical training upon the request of overseas dealers, including minivan dealer.

Warranty and claim

All exported vehicles are under warranty as per agreement with clients, including minivan dealers.  The warranty policy is various in different countries.  For warranty claims, the dealers will send the WARRANTY CLAIM FORM by E-mail first.

We will be your minivan dealer good partner and achieve a win-win.

Are you a minivan dealer?  Are you looking for different types of minivans or minibusses?  If yes, please contact us, KINGSTAR. 



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