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Do you know Peru?  How about sales for environmental auto, including EV microbus there?

Peru is a country in the west of South America, bordering Ecuador and Colombia in the north, Brazil and Bolivia in the east, Chile in the south, and the Pacific Ocean in the west. It is a parliamentary democratic republic with a presidential system, the whole country are 25 regions. Peru has a population of 31.49 million, ranking fifth in South America.  The economy mainly depends on agriculture, fishing, mining, and manufacturing (such as textiles).  It is one of the Latin American countries where the Chinese first arrived and lived in the largest number. Also with a population of Chinese descent accounting for about 3 million.  The integration of national cultural traditions has created diverse expressions in the fields of art, diet, literature, and music.

ev microbus

Firstly, the transportation is mainly highway, and the highway freight volume accounts for 80% of the total transportation volume in China.  

Water transportation is relatively developed and foreign trade mainly depends on sea transportation.  The existing highway mileage is 78,500 kilometers.  In 2011, the highway mileage was 129,000 kilometers.  Among them, there are 23,000 kilometers of national highways, 26,000 kilometers of provincial highways, and 80,000 kilometers of town-level highways. There were 1,979,900 motor vehicles and 70,831,000 road passenger traffic in China in 2011. 

Secondly, the main roads in Peru are the Pan-American Highway running through the north and south and the central highway crossing the east and west.

 Peru is close to the Pacific Ocean, with many excellent ports along the coast. Inland areas, especially Amazon, have rivers and convenient waterway transportation. There are 19 seaports, 4 river ports, and 1 lakeport. In 2011, there were 6,053 civilian vessels of various types, with a freight volume of 21.74 million tons. The main ports are: callao, Peta, Chimbote, Ilo, Saravili, etc.  Callao is the most port of discharge for many cargos, such as ev microbus.

ev microbus

Per the Peruvian Daily on April 26th, the Peruvian Automobile Association said that the sales volume of environmental protection vehicles in Peru in March was 84 vehicles, up 100% year on year.  Mainly because the new brands entered the market and the supply increased. It brought different models, financing options, and more information. Moreover, the public had a better understanding of the benefits of such vehicles. In the first quarter, the sales volume of such vehicles was 206, up 41% year-on-year.  The best-selling vehicles were traditional hybrid vehicles, with a total of 195 vehicles sold, up 39.3% year-on-year, followed by pure electric vehicles. It including ev microbus and plug-in hybrid vehicles.  

Finally, to avoid the influence of restriction measures

As far as the industry promotion policy is concerned, the environmental management department of the Lima municipal government adopted the suggestion of the Automobile Association. And decided that private electric vehicles, including ev microbus and hybrid electric vehicles, could not be controlled by Lima’s “peak period and license plate” restriction measures. The municipal government will also set up a platform for drivers to register their vehicles. So as to avoid the influence of restriction measures.  The Automobile Association also suggested that the government take supplementary measures to promote the development of the environment-friendly automobile market. It including establishing a fast-charging network in power stations and special parking lots and promoting bonds for subsidies for environment-friendly vehicles.

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