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China Electric Minibus to Chile & Nepal Wholesale – KINGSTAR

New energy vehicles are popular more and more.  Now, there was new deal auto about eVF5 RHD new energy vehicles to Nepal.

New deal auto

1. The first overseas order for right-hand rudder electric

Our factory actively responded to the national “the belt and road initiative” initiative. On October 11th, Nepal Group and our factory held a signing ceremony. The two parties signed the distribution agreement and the sales contract of the first batch of 100 eVF5 electric vehicles, officially starting the cooperation journey.

This is the first overseas order for mini truck and minibus by our factory since the launch of right-hand drive electric products this year. Right-hand electric logistics vehicle has also become another new deal auto of our factory.

On October 4th, during the National Day holiday, new deal auto for the first batch of right-hand new energy logistics vehicles crossed the Geelong pass in the Himalayas and arrived in Nepal.

Nepal Group organized the test drive experience and related tests as soon as it received the sample car, and highly affirmed the comprehensive performance and quality of the core three power units of our factory electric logistics vehicle sample car. This also accelerated the formal cooperation between the two parties, so on 11th, the two parties formally signed the distribution agreement and the first batch of 100 eVF5 orders.

Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia, located in the southern foothills of the Himalayas. The narrow terrain makes Nepal’s micro-transportation very developed. In recent years, Nepal’s economy has developed steadily, the demand for small and micro cars has been increasing. And automobile exhaust has also aggravated the pollution in Kathmandu and other cities.

In order to protect the “Pure Land” under the roof of the world and protect tourism resources, Nepal firmly chose to develop electric vehicles by taking advantage of hydropower resources. As early as 2018, it put forward the “National Action Plan for Electric Travel”. And set the goal that “at least 20% of the vehicles will be electric vehicles by 2020”.

New deal auto

2. Actively develop overseas markets for new deal auto

Our factory’s successful development of the Nepal market is a microcosm of our factory’s global marketing strategy. In September this year, our factory sent technical, production, and after-sales backbone forces to Nigeria. The most populous country in Africa and the largest economy in Africa, to help VF4 minibus CKD project land locally.

Whether it is building a production line in Nigeria, or launching a right-hand rudder new energy electric vehicle in the Nepal market. Our factory will always adhere to the localization of overseas markets in detail. And expand its territory in overseas markets with better products and services.

We also welcome more new deal auto from different markets.  If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us.



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