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The advantages of mini buses compared with minivans

You may find it is quite hard for you to find a suitable transportation vehicle if you are traveling around frequently. Even more, if you travel with a group of people instead of by yourself, it is a higher possibility that the other groups of people enhanced such feeling of limitation which may cause you in trouble in selection between a minibus or a minivan. While in my understanding. Mini buses have their own advantages when comparing with minivans. It is more suitable to transit a small group of people for taking various activities.

Here we marked out the main advantages of minibus VS minivan as bellowing:

  1. Mini buses can fit more seaters than minivan:
    Because of their different sizes, minibus trends to be more spacious in the room. Most of minivans limitation of seater is around 15. While the minibus limitation of seater is around 14~30. Kingstar minibus including 7-8seater minibus short wheel; 7-11 seater minibus long wheel; 14-20 Seater minibus; 6 meters 19-22 seater minibus; 11 seater minibus; 7-16 seater minibus; 9-23 seater minibus and so on. The seat arrangement is much freer and can be customized.
  2. Mini-buses are comparatively providing more safety.
    The minibus is dual rear wheels; however, the minivan is single rear wheels. The two very critical features that caused minibusses are fitted for passenger safety are the dual rear wheels and steel cage construction. Dual rear wheels significantly reduce rollover risk, while steel cage construction on a bus’s sidewalls helps protect passengers from injury in the event of an accident.
  3. Mini buses are more comfortable when compare with minivans.
    Minibusses provide a more relaxing riding experience for passengers, as well. Bucket seats found in minibusses are far more comfortable than bench seats that are typically fitted in vans. Minibusses also have significantly more interior headroom for passengers, and their center aisles make it easier to move around the vehicle.
  4. Finally, How to get a suitable minibus:
    The easiest and quickest way to buy a minibus to click the link. Alternatively, you can also send an email to us or reply to an email quote we have already provided.



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