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The Most Responsible and Reliable Minibus Vehicle Factory

As a professional minibus vehicle factory, our products range not only with minibus but also covers Minivan, Bus, Cargo Van, Truck, Pickup, SUV, MPV, and EV (Electric vehicle). All our exported products have been proved to be strongly marketable in overseas markets with good quality and reasonable pricing.

Today we will share some of our vehicle types with you.

Firstly, hot sale minibus models from minibus vehicle factory

To be frank, we have a lot of hot sale models, we have left-hand driving and right-hand driving models with both gasoline and diesel engines for your consideration. Except for fuel minibus, we also have some electric minibus vehicles.

Recently, a lot of our clients are very interested in our electric minibuses. Today, we will share one of our very hot J series electric minibuses. For this series, we have both the LHD and RHD versions. Model EJ5 with length 5.4m, the standard seat is 13 seats, it could be from 13 to 16 seats depends on your needs.

Different from model EJ5, model EJ6 with length 5.99m, the standard seat is 16 seats, it could be from 16 to 20 seats as per your requirement.

For electric minibuses, one of the most important parameters is the battery. The battery we used on these two minibuses is brand EVE, the battery type is LFP battery. The battery management system is an intelligent centralized management system. The importance of using a good battery was known by everyone. It not only can keep a great mileage but also keep the driver and passenger’s safety.  We have equipped DC fast charging and slow charging for these two minibuses. The front suspension of these two minibuses are using double-wishbone independent suspension, the rear is variable-rate leaf spring suspension. The braking system of these two minibuses is front disc rear drum, ABS+EBD, and vacuum booster system is available.

Secondly, our electric SUV with CE certification from the minibus vehicle factory

This small SUV with very fashionable exterior and a great interior. A lot of our clients are interested in this model, we are applying for the CE certification which gets it in February 2022. For now, we only have the LHD model, but RHD is also available for us to make it.

Minibus Vehicle Factory

For this SUV, we have 2WD and 4WD for your consideration. The overall dimension of this SUV is 3.695 * 1.685 * 1,595mm, the wheelbase of the SUV is 2,410mm. We have 4 seats for this SUV. The max speed of the SUV is ≥120km per hour, the full climbing max gradient is ≥30%. The range of the SUV is ≥320km which is super suitable for working. You could charge your car once a week, if the distance is not long, you could charge it twice a month. That is quite convenient.

The brand of the battery is MGL battery, this battery company was founded in the year 2005. MGL is the largest manufacturer of lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganese oxide cathode materials for lithium batteries in China. And the only manufacturer of power lithium-ion secondary batteries at home and abroad.

With the shortage of global oil resources and the aggravation of air pollution. Energy-saving and environment-friendly electric vehicles have been recognized as the main direction of the transformation and development of the automobile industry in the 21st century. We KINGSTAR follow the policy of our country and are willing to make our pledge for a global friendly environment. As a professional minibus vehicle factory, we will always make great environmental products and with great quality.



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