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Minibus Carry More and Run Farther from KINGSTAR VC5 Electric Minibus

There are gasoline and electric version for KINGSTAR VC5 11 seat minibus.  Let’s know the electric minibus carry more and runs farther. 

Minibus Carry

The parameter of the VC5 minibus

The gross weight is 2510kgs and the rated payload is 1 ton.  Super minibus carry capacity can realize more pulling and less running, reduce the driver’s operating cost and increase the income.

The 5-door and 2-seat body structure makes the whole car look small and exquisite. Which is suitable for walking around the streets in urban areas. The rear row has blind windows and both sides have sliding doors. Which makes the loading of goods more convenient and quick.

The battery of the VC5 minibus

Regarding batteries, the 40.88kWh ternary lithium battery was produced by Lishen Power. The battery has 21,700 batteries, which have high safety and strong endurance.  The cruising range reaches 250 kilometers.  The charging time is greatly shortened, and the fast charging time is 1.3 hours.  The improvement of endurance can meet the basic needs of urban logistics. And make drivers worry-free and minibus carry goods with peace of mind.

The motor adopts the permanent magnet synchronous motor produced by Huichuan, Suzhou. The rated power of the motor is 30kW, the peak power is 60kW. And the maximum speed of the driving motor can reach 9000r/min.  The climbing and acceleration performance is more prominent. The high-efficiency range is large, which can meet the driving needs in various situations.  Large torque, high speed, high efficiency, and strong power for minibus carry, giving drivers a comfortable driving experience.

The safety of the VC5 minibus

In terms of safety, inside the power battery system, we have smoke detectors and fire alarm functions. Which improves the safety performance of the whole vehicle.  Let customers feel at ease and drive comfortably, and bring more convenience and a better driving experience to users.

The electric minibus has the same space and endurance as other popular pure electric minibusses. But the price is more favorable than that of its peers.  Who doesn’t like this minibus carry? 



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