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Top Safety and Practical Mini Bus 9 Seater

Bus refers to the city bus or autobus, it is the typical model of medium-sized bus or big size bus. It was the commercial bus designed to solve the city or urban city transportation. And for medium-sized buses and small-sized buses, we normally call it minibus. The minibus also called microbus, is the bus with few passengers. Generally, the loading capacity of the minibus is from 9 to 24 passengers, those buses running in the city normally are those assist minibus. The routes of the minibus are the same with the big bus or as the assist bus for the big bus in peaking time. Today we KINGSTAR going to share one of our hot sale mini bus 9 seater with you to refresh your imagination of the minibus.

mini bus 9

The exterior of the mini bus 9 seater

For this minibus, we have a side window, rear window, and manual rearview mirror. The dimension of the minibus is 4,490 * 1,610 * 1,900mm, the wheelbase of the minibus is 3,050mm.

mini bus 9

Below lighting system of the minibus for your reference:

The interior of the mini bus 9 seater

Our standard seat capacity of this minibus is 11 seats, it could be from 8 seats to 11 seats depends on the client’s requirements. For this minibus, we have an optional equipment choice is the 7inch displayer with a reverse image.

We have also a left and right sun visor for this minibus but without a vanity mirror. And also the reading lamp.

Mini Bus 9

The safety of the mini bus 9 seater

As everyone knew it, safety is the most priority for the driver and the passenger on the vehicle. For this minibus, we have ABS (Anti-lock braking system) and EBD (Electric brake force distribution)

What is the ABS system?

ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System. As the name implies, the ABS prevents the car wheels from locking when the car brakes suddenly in certain situations. Simply speaking, a car that has been equipped with the ABS can still avoid when it is braked suddenly. Without the ABS, however, the car wheels will be locked upon a sudden brake and thus collisions are inevitable. The ABS consists of three main components, namely the speed sensor in each wheel, a valve of the hydraulic that leads to each brake pump to return the pressure of the hydraulic brake controlled by a computer, and also a control module.

What is EBD?

Besides the ABS, there is also the EBD which stands for Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. It is responsible for distributing the braking power to all wheels of the car. The EBD system is still related to the ABS, where the former uses the latter to adjust braking on all wheels depending on the needs. The EBD will automatically adjust the braking on each wheel and ensure the front and rear wheels are unlocked. With the EBD, rear braking is more optimal depending on the weight of the vehicle itself. The EBD can also increase vehicle traction while on the road.

The parameter of the mini bus 9 seater

It is a gasoline engine minibus, the displacement of the minibus is 1.5L. The curb weight of this minibus is 1,206kg, the total weight of this minibus is 2,110kg. The minimum turning diameter of this minibus is 11.9m. The mas speed of the vehicle is ≥120km per hour. The minimum clearance of the minibus is 125mm. For this minibus, the emission standard is Euro V which could meet most countries’ or regions’ standards.

This practical minibus could also be a 2 seats cargo van. For more detailed information for this mini bus 9 seater, please feel free to contact us.



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