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Mini vehicle, including mini bus 5 with “National VI B” has kicked off

Our factory produces mini vehicles, including min bus 5 – 11 seats.  In order to better adapt to the strict national emission requirements. Also to seize the market opportunities and meet the needs of consumers. It is imperative for our factory to implement the ” National VI B ” emission standard.  The ” National VI B ” era has kicked off.

mini bus 5

1. The sixth national emission standard is the sixth national emission standard for motor vehicles. It is the strictest emission regulation in automobile history.

There are two stages for “National VI” standard, ” National VI A” and ” National VI B “. The implementation time is July 1, 2020, and July 1, 2023, respectively. Among them, ” National VI A” can be said to be a transitional standard, while ” National VI B” is more stringent.

Facing the rigorous testing in the ” National VI B ” stage, all departments of the Engineering Research Institute of our factory worked overtime to overcome various difficulties in the emission upgrading stage. Completed the prototype car production according to the project cycle, and carefully calibrated it, successfully completing the engine performance optimization under various environments and working conditions.

After the whole vehicle emission test was conducted by the national testing institution. All the indexes of mini vehicles, including mini bus 5 have reached the requirements of the ” National VI B” stage motor vehicle pollutant emission standard. A compulsory inspection report has been issued.

2. The measured results of pollutants discharged from our factory of “National VI B” model. It is also far below the limits of emission regulations.

On the premise of meeting the fuel consumption limit of light commercial vehicles (GB 20997-2015). The measured results of pollutants emitted by ” National VI B” models are far lower than the limit of emission regulations. Ensuring that the pollutants emitted by vehicles can meet the requirements of national regulations during their service life.

mini bus 5

For example, the emission limit of NOx, a key pollutant, is 45mg/km according to regulations. Our actual test value is far lower than the regulatory limit, which is 22.5mg/km. Carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (THC), emitted particulate matter (PM), particulate matter quantity (PN), etc. are all lower than the regulatory limits.

At present, ” National VI B” single & double cab mini truck, freezer truck, box truck, etc. have completed all certifications of the announcement, environmental protection, and 3C. It has met the requirements of mass production of new models and put them on the market.

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