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Top Hot Sale Minibus 2019 Model from KINGSTAR

The minibus has many models, the latest minibus 2021 model, future minibus 2022model, and minibus 2019 models. Today we KINGSTAR will share one of our minibus 2019 models, even is an old model but it is still a very hot sale model. Model J60 with length 5.99m is a left-hand driving minibus with a diesel engine. We will share the minibus 2019 model from the specification, engine, and body structure with you. After the introduction, you will know why it is so hot sale.  

Minibus 2019

The specification of the minibus 2019 model J60

The dimension of the minibus is 5,990 * 2,050 * 2,630mm, the wheelbase of the minibus is 2,810mm. The curb weight of the minibus is 3,380kg, the gross vehicle weight of the minibus is 4,950kg. The max speed of the minibus is 100 km per hour, with an ECU speed limiter. ECU stands for the electronic controller unit of a car. And it is also known as the driving computer of a car. The function of ECU is to control the driving status of the car and other related functions. Automotive ECU mainly uses data acquisition and the exchange of various sensors to judge the vehicle status and driver’s intention. To control the car through the actuators. The luggage compartment of the minibus has reached 0.45m³.

The engine of the minibus 2019 model J60

It is a diesel engine minibus that is quite low fuel consumption. The engine model is JX493ZLQ3, the displacement of the minibus is 2.771L. The maximum output of the minibus is 85KW/rpm; the maximum torque of the minibus is 280Nm/rpm. The emission standard is Euro III.

The chassis of the minibus 2019 model J60

This minibus is equipped with a 5 MT MAGNA transmission. It is a single clutch and hydraulic power steering system. The braking system of the minibus is a double-circuit, front and rear drum brake, with a hydraulic vacuum. ABS is also available for this minibus. The suspension system of the minibus is front 3 rear 4 leaf spring. Tires for this minibus we are using 4.00R16LT tires, we equipped one spare tires.

The body structure of the minibus 2019 model J60

It is a separate frame construction minibus. The door, it with a central electric folding door and a 12000kcal air conditioner. The seating capacity of the minibus could be from 19 to 23 depends on the client’s need. The material of the seat is high-quality imitation leather seats. For this minibus, it is plain painting, our standard color is within 2 colors. We equipped an adjustable steering wheel for this minibus. For this minibus 2019 model, we have lots of optional items for your selection. Please feel free to send us your inquiry.

Minibus 2019



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