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Your dream of RV is from KINGSTAR J6 mini bus 20 seater

What’s your dream of RV? The quality experience of a trip is to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Meanwhile, you can easily enjoy the ease and warmth of home. KINGSTAR J6 mini bus 20 seater meets your demand after being converted into RV. It is with a classic appearance, complete configuration, power engine, comfortable interior, high security and cost-effective.

mini bus 20 seater

1. Complete configuration

It is fully equipped and gives persons a warm mobile home.

mini bus 20 seater

2. Power engine

2.7L gasoline engine is very suitable for running at high speed with good stability. The weight is 3 tons after converting into RV based on KINGSTAR J6 mini bus 20 seater. Fuel consumption is acceptable with average fuel consumption of about 14 liters.

3. Comfortable interior

The front part of the minibus is very comfortable. The effect of changing air for shock absorption is better.

The double bed with a soft palm mattress is environmentally friendly and breathable. It is softer and more comfortable. With the blue light band at the top, it can create a quiet and comfortable sleep for you and relieve the fatigue of your journey.

After folding, two groups of double sofas in the front row can be converted into a double bed of 0.85mx1.9m. The unfolded state can satisfy four people for rest and entertainment.

mini bus 20 seater
mini bus 20 seater

4. High security

Upper and lower members at the front of the frame, and side-impact beams in the front doors. Absorbing collision energy, contribute to class-leading safety.

Body is of anti-overturn framework formed, it is with high tension strengthened steel plate. Substantially, increasing body firmness as well as reducing noise and vibration during driving.

The strong braking combination is ABS + EBD.

5. Cost-effective

Comparing several RVs, KINGSTAR J6 RV is much more comfortable than stay in a passenger car or an off-road vehicle. On the other hand, it is cost-effective

Do you like the converted RV based on mini bus 20 seater? If yes, please contact us right now for more detail.



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