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Most Popular and Great Max Range Electric Minivan 2021

What kind of vehicle is the most popular this year? Absolutely should be the electric minivan 2021.

As per the trend of new energy, most consumers will give priority to new energy vehicles when buying a car. In particular, the new energy vehicles in recent years continue to overcome consumers’ “range anxiety”. In addition to pure electric vehicles, new energy vehicles, and gas-electric hybrid models.

Everyone knows that the great advantages made electric minivan 2021 being the trend of the automobile industry.

Firstly, energy-saving and emission reduction, environmental protection.

From the big direction, energy conservation and environmental protection is certainly the biggest advantage of pure electric vehicles. After all, oil is a non-renewable resource, and the electricity needed by electric vehicles can be obtained by generating electricity from renewable energy sources. At the same time, the overall driving efficiency of pure electric vehicles is also significantly higher than that of fuel vehicles.

And for the end-user, pure electric vehicles are more cost-saving, it is also the most important reason that people buying purely electric vehicles.

Secondly, an electric platform is much easier to achieve intelligence.

Compares with fuel-type vehicles, under the electrical platform, it is much easier to achieve the intelligence target.

Thirdly, driving quality is good, full of science and technology sense and with the great fashionable exterior appearance

Therefore, choose a good electric vehicle is not only a cost-saving but a better driving experience.

Today, let’s take a look at the electric minivan 2021 from KINGSTAR.

This is a model eVF5-R electric 2 to 11 seat minivan. For this model, we have left-hand driving and also right-hand driving. It can be an electric panel van if you want great space to loading cargo. This vehicle also can be an electric minivan with 11seats for loading more passengers. It depends on your own needs.

Electric Minivan 2021

The basic parameters of the electric minivan 2021

The overall dimension of the electric minivan is 4,421 * 1,677 * 1,902mm, the wheelbase of the minivan is 3,050mm. The curb weight of the electric minivan 2021 is 1,390kg, the gross weight of the minivan is 2,550kg.

The performance parameters of the electric minivan 2021

The total battery storage of the minivan is 41.76kwh. The max speed of the minivan is ≥80km per hour. The slope climbing requirement is ≥20, the energy density of the battery system is ≥125wh/kg. The max range of pure electricity is ≥280km, VMAs. The fast charge of 20% – 80% is 45minutes, the slow charge of 20% – 100% is 11 to 12hours. The battery type is LFP. The motor type is permanent magnet synchronous, the rated power motor is 30kw. The peak power motor is 60kw, the minimum ground clearance is 155.

For more information and more electric minivan 2021 models, please feel free to contact us.



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