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KINGSTAR exported mini minibus to Saint Martin

For 12 years, we have been exporting minibuses to San Martín.

Saint Martin is a small island country in the Caribbean Sea, with abundant internal tourism resources and beautiful landscapes. Due to its beautiful scenery, Saint Martin is a vacation destination for many European and American stars and politicians.

mini minibus

Due to the development of the tourism industry and the demand of the tourism industry, our minibus has a beautiful appearance and a high-end luxurious configuration, which is especially suitable for tourist vehicles. In addition, the rear seats of our  minibus  can be hung on both sides, so that a luggage compartment can be created, which is especially suitable for long-distance trips with luggage.

mini minibus

Based on local conditions and market demand for minivan lease deals, we strive to promote our minibus to local car dealers. At the same time, our SMALL BUS has 12 seats, beautiful design, various high-end configurations and very reasonable prices. Popular with consumers at the time.

mini minibus

Kingstar minibus is a company that specially export minibus and minivan to our foreign customer. We appreciate your mail, message, a phone call for any questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact us. Our sales team will provide you with detailed parameters and configurations that are suitable for you. Not only the whole vehicle, but we can also provide the spare parts services.



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