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A smart city mini coach bus experience day for some of China’s leading bus companies was held in Hangzhou

Recently, a medium-sized city mini coach bus three kinds of intelligent new energy van products to beautiful cities. As reported, Several well-known leading public transportation enterprises in China attend this meeting. And held the intelligent public transportation experience day activity.

Three cars equipped with cutting-edge technology. The experience makes Hangzhou citizens fully feel the advantages of intelligent travel. It has attracted wide public attention.

Hangzhou, known as the “paradise on earth”, is a place that attracts countless people. As a city full of innovation and vitality, Hangzhou is also on its way to becoming an international metropolis.
In addition to beautiful scenery, Hangzhou also attaches great importance to the better mobility of its citizens. Thus, E series passenger minibusses are new and high-end intelligent passenger cars with a unique shape. Fully considering the domestic market demand, several well-known leading passenger minibus enterprises launched these 3 kinds of minibus.

The unique design of new mini coach bus

These two minibusses are unique, attractive, and impressive. The dark flat wall is perfectly matched with the light outline. In fact, it gives you a stunning visual effect.
As a city full of innovation and vitality, Hangzhou also needs to upgrade its public transport system with cutting-edge products. In particular, Hangzhou will hold the 2022 Asian Games. This also puts higher requirements on an urban mini coach bus.

Hangzhou citizens highly appraised these famous Chinese bus leading companies. Because of the eye-catching appearance of the minibus and intelligent and humanized design.

For example, it installed 8 safe driving assistance functions. These functions including a self-developed 360° panorama, collision mitigation control system, driving behavior monitoring, etc. They are comprehensively improving the safety and ride comfort of the vehicle. At the same time, there are 16 ultrasonic radars. This can predict driving conditions and provide intelligent and active control of the vehicle in an emergency. Consequently, it reduced the occurrence of safety accidents.
Besides, the car can analyze the driver’s behavior through facial recognition. The design of the lower floor is convenient for passengers to board and get off the plane. Moreover, the ramp of the middle door is also welcomed by the citizens.

As the leading enterprises in the passenger car industry in China, several famous passenger cars leading enterprises in China have developed a full series of new energy passenger cars from 6 meters to 18 meters. The company has not only independently developed three generations of vehicle control technology, reaching the international advanced level, but also in the electric drive control, on-board energy management, vehicle lightweight technology, and other aspects always walk in the forefront of the industry.

In addition to the two high-end smart city mini-coach buses with novel shapes, the 12-meter E12 medium-size city mini coach bus from several well-known bus leaders in China is also a highlight.

In January 2017, a batch of E12s went into operation on Shanghai’s Highway 71. Based on the application of intelligent V2X collaborative technology, the operating interval of two small buses was shortened. What is more, the running speed of small buses increased about 50%. Due to their large passenger capacity, these vehicles effectively alleviate the congestion problem of Route 71 during rush hour, facilitating the travel of citizens and providing a template for the overall solution of urban transportation.

The three vehicles of several famous bus companies in China have the most advanced technology. In other words, the styling design or the intelligent level of the vehicle is the most advanced. They are very suitable for the development of modern urban public transportation needs. In the future, they will help Hangzhou build a smarter and more advanced public transport system.



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