Let’s know more about RV, such as mini campervan.

Refitting RVs, such as mini campervans, is still a niche consumer. And it will take time to enter the homes of ordinary people.

Perhaps by providing simple camping for ordinary family cars, we can gradually move towards recreational vacations in RVs. Indeed, large and small RVs, including mini campervan, have the appearance, dynamics, and strength that make people feel the charm of sturdy off-road. Looking at it, they are comfortable and thoughtful.

Mini campervan

Some people use Europe and the United States as examples to estimate how many RVs, including mini campervan, should be in our country. Indeed, in France, with a population of 62 million, there are about 90 million people traveling by RV. And Germany, with a population of only 80 million, has 62.4 million people traveling in RV each year. In my country, there are only a few thousand car buyers on record.

Mini campervan

If based on national conditions such as tourism fever and the rise of the leisure and vacation economy. It is concluded that RV tourism will be strong and the RV tourism is determined as the industry direction. Based on the observation and judgment of the reporter, it will be a serious timing error. From the perspective of the consumer market, it may be a more sensible choice for domestic automakers to set the consumer market for RVs in Europe and the United States.

Mini campervan

With the increase in income and changes in consumer psychology, especially the development of small towns with low floor area ratios, RVs will have a big development. The most realistic path may be to provide simple camping for ordinary family vehicles to RVs for leisure and vacation. Because driving a family car has become an important way of leisure travel in our country, camp construction, management, and services can be developed and improved in the process of serving self-driving cars. Thus laying the foundation for RV camping. Such as mini campervan, and consolidating the development of the RV industry platform.

What’s internal system?

All RVs, such as mini campervan or minibus, can provide a very important feeling. It gives you the comfort and convenience of home. Because it has a fairly complete water supply system. Without this system, caravan tourism activities would not be so prosperous.

The water supply system and the wastewater system coexist for RV. Such as mini campervan, in fact, they can be recognized as the same system. The water supply system must be as convenient as at home. As long as the faucet is in turn on status, the water will automatically flow out. The clean water comes from the clean water tank installed inside the car, or the water tap from the campsite.

The water in the water tank in the car uses a 12V automatic pressurized water supply pump. When you turn on the water pump switch, it will pressurize the entire water supply pipe in the car to 20 ~ 40 PSI. The built-in clean water tank usually uses a clean water filling port with a lock. And the clean water is poured into the clean water tank from the outside of the car using a water pipe.

Another type of water supply for RV, such as a mini campervan is to use an external water connector. Then a water pipe directly connects the water supply pipe to the water supply tap on the campsite. In this way, there is no need to use a pressurized water pump. When the external water supply stops, the pressurized auxiliary in the car will still automatically replace it. Therefore, the convenience in use can be ensured.

When the RV is not in use, please remember to turn off the water supply pump in the car. Because if there is no water in the clean water tank, the water supply pump will be idling continuously. It is easy to cause damage. When connecting the external water pipe to the faucet of the camp, please fill the water pipe with water to reduce the amount of air entering the water supply system.

To drain the air from the water pipe is a simple and basic water procedure.

First, fill the clean water tank with water, then turn on the water supply pump. And then turn on all the faucets in the car at the same time until the water flowing out is free of air. When using an external water source, this basic procedure must also need to finish for exhaust.

Due to the general household tap water supply system for RV, such as mini campervan, the pressure is very high (100 psi). When using an external water source, you must have a pressure-reducing valve device to reduce the water pressure of the water supply. So as not to damage the original water supply system (40 psi) in the car. Many new cars are with this kind of pressure-reducing valve before they leave the factory. If there is no pre-installed pressure reducing valve with an external water connector, just install one on the “external water pipe”.

water discharge

The gray water discharged from the washbasin and bath tray usually flows into the wastewater tank. As for the fertilizer water from the toilet in the car, it is discharged into a smaller fertilizer water tank. Generally, there is a water meter in the car. It can monitor the content of the clean water tank and wastewater tank. So that it can be cleaned at any time. In foreign countries, 88mm drain joints and pipes are usually used to drain wastewater or fertilizer into the sewage treatment tank of the camp.

In the country, so far, there are no camps, rest stations, gas stations, or national parks with sewage treatment ponds. Therefore, 19 mm drain hoses are for connecting to the drain valve of the wastewater tank to directly drain the wastewater into the ditch. As for fat water, in general, mobile toilets or flush toilets are in use. And then the fat water tank is for the toilet. It is more troublesome, but there is no way for an RV, such as a mini campervan.


Accessories for RVs, such as mini campervan include housewares, camp supplies, antennas, electrical supplies, lamps, RV maintenance supplies, hardware and tools, pipe fittings, awning accessories, main facilities in the RV, gas monitoring. Also, the gas supply Drainage system, RV accessories, supporting safety accessories, etc.

Overhead air conditioner, car refrigerator, sun awning, gas stove, induction cooker, coffee maker, kettle, toilet equipment, drain system, lighting, car power system (silent gasoline generator, diesel generator) special door for RV, such as mini campervan, special window. Gas alarm, reversing video, cruise control system.

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