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“Mask wedding” and “Wedding minibus” from Car Maker

Can you imagine getting a mask wedding and wedding minibus?

At today’s Ali Day’s collective wedding, the couple sat on the wedding minibus and came to the wedding scene. Zhang Yong, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group, gave his answer: to be each other’s “first priority”.

He humorously urged the grooms: “Please everyone volunteer to be a CEO, follow the instructions of the other half and the chairman of the board, and get the results. But no matter who is the chairman or CEO, each of us will listen to each other. official.”

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There were 102 couples of newlyweds in formal wear sitting in the audience. They took the wedding minibus and came to Alibaba’s Xixi Park to sign a marriage agreement, and they pledged to hold hands together.

Compared with previous years, this year’s collective wedding is still very different-because from the epidemic, new people need to wear masks all the way, including when sitting on the wedding minibus. At this special “mask wedding”, the newlyweds hugged, kissed, and sang love songs through masks, and talked about the “fluffy” love words that belonged to the two.

102 pairs of newlyweds’ mask wedding

This is Alibaba’s 15th collective wedding, and it is also a wedding that was almost canceled due to the epidemic. Fortunately, it was finally retained, and the wedding minibus was used to pick up the couple to the wedding scene.

As in previous years, the 102 couples wore exquisite makeup and ceremonious dresses, proposed and took oaths in a beautiful melody, and followed the beautiful tunes such as “Acacia River” across the concentric bridge and locked concentric locks. , And finally solemnly signed his name on the marriage letter.

The difference is that due to the consideration of epidemic prevention and control this year, the families of both couples are unable to attend the ceremony, and masks are required throughout the ceremony, which is a typical “mask wedding.”

Masks can’t stop the strong love of the newlyweds, and the kisses, duets, and princess hugs are carried out enthusiastically. The blessings were not absent. Although the hundreds of thousands of Ali employees, relatives, and friends could not take the wedding minibus to the wedding, they could witness the happiness through live broadcast and left messages to express their blessings.

Under the epidemic, this grand mask wedding is really rare, and it is destined to become an “exclusive memory” for the new couple.

Are you hungry rider Miao Lidong is one of the newcomers to the wedding? He sighed that this marriage was not easy.

According to the previous plan, after the Spring Festival this year, he will put on a blue rider uniform and drive an electric car with his brothers in Jiangyin, his hometown, to “accept relatives” handsomely around the city and marry his girlfriend who has been in love for three years.

But I didn’t expect the wedding to be postponed repeatedly because of the epidemic. He was told half a month ago that he was selected for this year’s Ali Day collective wedding. For this, he was excited about a long time-he could finally get married.

Liao Lidong is the only Ele. me rider selected for the collective wedding. Worried that his performance was not good enough, he suffered from insomnia the night before. He rehearsed the process of the wedding many times in his mind, including what to say in the wedding minibus. He was even a little anxious. What if the princess at the wedding scene cannot hold his wife?

But these happy worries did not affect Miao Lidong’s yearning for happiness. He was very sure that he was surrounded by people he wanted to stay together for life. In the three years since they fell in love, the two have not blushed. Even during the epidemic, the two people had to live together for a long time every day, and there was no quarrel.

On the eve of the wedding, Miao Lidong couldn’t help but share a little secret: “My wife and I call each other baby. I plan to call this name until we are old.”

Xiaoyaozi: Running a family is the same as running a company

In previous years, Jack Ma has served as the largest number of witnesses for Ali’s collective wedding. In the “resumes” of the witnesses several times, some golden sentences are widely spread. For example-marriage is not to buy a house, but to have children together; Ali people must have the spirit of 996 in work, 669 in life, and 6 times in 6 days. The key is “9”; marriage is not happy, mainly WeChat, marriage Happiness, use less WeChat and more use “Ding Ding”; the first KPI of marriage is to have a child. In the future, children are the scarcest, and investment in children is not wrong. Ali people not only want to create wind but also create people…

This year, it was Xiaoyaozi who witnessed the marriage to 102 couples. He confessed that speaking as a witness is more nervous than any business speech in the past.

Seeing the newcomer sit on the wedding minibus and come to the scene, Xiaoyaozi, as the “big leader”, exhorted him. He said that running a family is the same as running a company. The husband and wife are customers and employees of each other, and they are all shareholders of the family. “How can we appreciate each other” is a proposition that requires long-term thinking.

He emphasized: “As a person who has come here, I would like to say to all the grooms that everyone should volunteer to be a CEO, follow the instructions of the other half and the chairman, and get the results. But no matter who is the chairman or CEO, he is the other person. The listening officer is true care.”

At the same time it attracted a lot of laughter, it also attracted applause.

The 102 pairs of newcomers mean that Ali will become a company that has been in business for at least 102 years and spans three centuries through the hard work of generations of young people.

Xiaoyaozi said that after signing the marriage letter, he hopes that the new couple can hold their hands and grow old with their sons for a lifetime, long walks, and happiness.

Do you want to sit on the wedding minibus to the next collective wedding on Ali Day?

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