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Look at The affordable and valuable Minibus Quote from KINGSTAR
Have you met this kind of situation before? Received several junk mails even the title mentioned Minibus quote, minibus seller, and so on, but without any valuable information in it.

This kind of situation often happened especially after you attended the automobile exhibition. Or you received a quote from the supplier but inside the quote, you still have some doubt about which equipment is included in the minibus quote? Which equipment is not in the quote? If the minibus quote included the warranty?

If seat capacity is adjustable in this minibus quote? You still need plenty of time to find out the answer you want, that is the invalid offer we called.
A good quote should be included below information: The engine of the minibus, the fuel type, the displacement, the emission, the dimension of the minibus, seat capacity and the max speed of the minibus, your loading way, your shipment days, and your warranty. It will be better and thoughtful for your clients that your pricelist always sent your products catalog together. All the needed information submitted for the client’s consideration to saving both times.

Today we are taking an example that is one of the hot sale minibus quotes for your reference.

Minibus Quote

Features information on a minibus quote

We can catch the main features of the minibus from the description of the above quote sheet. Normally, we will send a more specific parameters chart of the minibus. Specification parameters, chassis parameters, equipment including the optional equipment if have one, loading information, shipment information, and warranty information are also a must.
Below the example chassis information of BG5-N & BG5-W quote for your reference.

Below the example of equipment information of BG5-N & BG5-W quote for your reference.
You may notice that we will mark clearly which one is the “equipped” parameter and which one is the “option” parameter with different prices. All details in the quote are clear enough.

For the quoted price of the above models, different engines with different parameters, the price also will be different for sure. The price we starting from US$15,960 of the 15-20 minibus which is quite attractive and competitive price compare with the same level minibus. Please call us to check every detailed price for every model.

Except for the mentioned 15-20 seat minibus, we also have 7-8 seat minibus, 9-11 seat minibus, 15-16 seat minibus, and so on. Also, we provide customized service, not only for seats but also OEM for the logo or vehicle modifications. You may contact our sales team for a quote for the models you want.


Minibus Quote



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