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The Most Highly German Standard Longest Lasting Minivan from KINGSTAR

How do you think of a minivan? When you buy a minivan, what is your most concern? Is the quality or safety? Today, KINGSTAR will share the longest lasting minivan with great quality and safety with you. What is the longest lasting minivan? It means the minivan must with great quality, great safety, comfortable seating, and great driving experience, then it can last long.

Longest Lasting Minivan

KINGSTAR model VF4 – Longest lasting minivan

Technology: This minivan is a 7 to 8 seats minivan which with German standard manufacturing concept and first-class production lines. The great technology results in a superior quality product. A strengthened structure comprising two long members and eleven cross beams results in a strong chassis.

Great engine: This minivan is equipped with a new generation advanced VVT (Variable valve timing) engine. This engine with high horsepower with very low fuel consumption which was loved by most of our clients. Especially those families with two or more than two children family. The low fuel consumption reaches 7.0L/100KM, it is a low RPM, high torque minivan. The torque is 118Nm at 2400rpn, the output is up to 92%. This enables a higher payload and better take-off and acceleration. 67KW superpower exceeds other minivans of the same segment.

Large space: This minivan with 4.5 m³ interior volume, the loading capacity reached 690kg. The space and the loading are superior to this vehicle segment. It is a perfect choice for big family use.

Safety: 62 German quality control systems. This minivan has passed the Chinese crash test for the first time and the 100,000km road durability test. Durable test and verification under the “3-highs” environment. This minivan has finished the tough test on the Mercedes-Benz test grounds.

FQTS full-side safety protection.

The showing of the longest lasting minivan exterior

Longest Lasting Minivan

A cool thing is that the rearview mirror with blinker lamps will wink at the car behind or in front of it when you turning left or right. It is cool and beautiful especially when you driving at night.

The integrated rear lamps look beautiful, and they will help a lot in night, on foggy days, or rainy days.

The interior of the longest lasing minivan

For this minivan, we have three versions, the basic type, standard type, and luxury type. The price also will be different on versions.

Longest Lasting Minivan

Seats arrangement: 2+(2 conjoined + 1 folding) +3Seats arrangement: 2+(2 conjoined + 1 folding) +3

Longest Lasting Minivan

Seat arrangement:

STANDARD type (2+2 conjoined+3)            LUXURY type (2+2 split+3)

The specification of the longest lasting minivan

It is a gasoline engine minivan, the overall dimension of the minivan is 4,071 * 1,67 * 1,902mm. The wheelbase of the minivan is 2,700mm. The gross weight of the minivan is 1,850kg, fuel tank capacity is 40L.

This minivan is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The front is MacPherson independent suspension; the rear is leaf-springs. The braking system of the minivan is a front disc drum brake system, dual-circuit hydraulics. The minimum turning radius is 4.75m, the max speed of the vehicle is ≥ 130km per hour. The tires on the minivan are 175/70 R14 LT.

The engine model of the minivan is LJ469Q-AE2, it is 4 cylinders in line, VVT/EGR. The displacement of the minivan is 1,249cc. The emission standard is Euro IV.

The color selections:

We have silver, gold, blue, white, and gray colors for your selection.

For features of different versions, please send your inquiry to us to get a catalog and price list.



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