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Length 6m 18 Seater Minibus for Sale with Great Suspension and Braking System

What do you know about an 18 seater minibus for sale? Do you know the length? How does the engine works? Do you know how’s the speed? If any other seat arrangement is also available?

Today, let’s check the KINGSTAR minibus to find out the answers.

We have two front faces for your selection.

Face 1: with front fog lamp

18 Seater Minibus for Sale

Face 2: This is an optional choice, it is without a front fog lamp for the minibus with the diesel engine.

18 Seater Minibus for Sale
18 Seater Minibus for Sale

The interior of the 18 seater minibus for sale

BG6 is a left-hand driving minibus with 20seats (including driver seat), of course, 18 seater minibus is also available, you may adjust the seats from 18 to 20 depends on your needs. The material of the seats is made of imitation leather seats. The dimension of the 18 seater minibus for sale is 5,995 * 1,880 * 2,285mm, the wheelbase of the minibus is 3,720mm.

The engine of the 18 seater minibus for sale

We have two diesel engines, DK5 Diesel and DK5B Diesel. The displacement of the minibus is 2.982L, the max power of the minibus is 110KW/3400rpm, the max torque of the minibus is 370N.m/2000rpm. The DK5 diesel engine emission is Euro 3, the emission of the DK5B diesel engine is Euro 5. The max speed of the engine is ≥100km per hour, the fuel tank capacity of the minibus is 70L.

The chassis of the minibus

The clutch of the minibus is a single disk, hydraulic operation. The transmission is 5MT. The rear axle of the minibus is Shenyang rear axle. The front suspension is an independent suspension, the rear is a leaf spring suspension. The tires using on this minibus are 225R16C with an aluminum wheel. The steering system of the minibus is hydraulic power steering. The braking system of the minibus is a vacuum servo, hydraulic brake, it is a front disc, and a rear drum, it also has a standard grip brake. ABS + EBD are also available. The accelerator control of the minibus is electronic accelerator control.

For more seat arrangements, please feel free to contact us for more minibus models.



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