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KINGSTAR Y7 is your best choice to buy mini-bus

If you want to buy a mini-bus, please choose our KINGSTAR Y7 which can be taken 9-23 seats. Here, we show you the reasons why we say the Kingstar Y7 minibus is your best choice.

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1. Firstly, surging power system should take in consideration when you buy mini-bus:

A diesel engine makes use of a VM2.5T light engine, that uses the latest generation of Italian technology. Also, the max power is 120kW, max torque 420N·m, and the fuel consumption is only 9-10L / 100km.  Moreover, it adopting the international first-class six-speed gearbox, using a clutch from French VALEO.  If you buy a mini-bus, you are sure to hope power is very strong.

buy mini-bus

The electric version uses a high-power motor with rated torque 600N·m, and VCU from Weichai’s new energy branch.

2.  Secondly, excellent design should also take into consideration when you buy a mini-bus:

The electrical control system is made by German Bosch, to achieve high reliability and excellent performance.  Because of the R&D review —the world-renowned Austrian ECS company provided the whole system optimization review and adjustment including transmission, steering, suspension, braking, etc.  You will feel comfortable whatever driving or taking if buy a mini-bus.

3. Thirdly, massive R&D tests and inspections

3.1 Powertrain R&D: Utilize CRUISE software of AVL to carry out matching calculation of powertrain system, test and verify the matching calculation with a world-class drum test bench, validate and correct it based on the test results, and propose a more reasonable Powertrain configuration.

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3.2 Cooling system R&D:

The vehicle thermal management coupling simulation is carried out by the Steyr Engineering Center (ECS) to maintain the good dynamic performance of the engine. As well as the good economical value, low emission, and reliability. Electronic fans are intelligently controlled, to precisely maintain the balance between the engine water temperature and fan speed, improving the power system economy.

3.3 AC system R&D:

Dual air-conditioning system with 11000 card high-power. The use of engine coolant heat with uniform temperature distribution. The optional independent heating system is also provided for engine preheating in cold regions.

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3.4 Massive tests and inspections during the R&D process, including rollover test, seat safety test, and crash test.

3.5 Safety and performance testing under extreme conditions to ensure the reliability of products, including hot region, plateau, and cold region.

Therefore, you will feel safety whatever driving or take if buy mini-bus.

4. Fourthly, monocoque body derived from European design

High strength body, double airbag, ABS + EBD system etc..

buy mini-bus

5. With the world-class electrophoresis production line, we can ensure the vehicle skeleton works for 10 years without rust.  You can save worry after buy a mini-bus.

6. Finally, Advanced assembly production line

Our KINGSTAR Y7 minibus, there are diesel and electric versions for you to choose from and buy mini-bus.  Please contact us for more detail about specifications and equipment right now.



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