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In recent years, the policy for auto importation to Peru is favorable and loose. Chinese executive minibus for sale was popular in Peru because of their excellent performance and beautiful appearance, and economic price. Chinese executive minibus for sale has gradually entered into the Peruvian auto market that was once dominated by Japan and South Korea.

Taking this good chance, KINGSTAR people made a plan to visit customers in Peru for market research of the minibus and forgetting much closer cooperation with the customers.

executive minibus for sale

Chinese brand cars in the Peru market is rising.

Peru is a country in western South America. It borders Colombia and Ecuador to the north, Chile to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. With a population of 31.49 million, Peru ranks fifth in South America in population. Economic is in the middle level of Latin America. Peru’s domestic transportation mainly relies on roads, with vehicles driving on the right. There is a large second-hand car trading market in the southern cities, which sales can cover to the whole country. On the streets, you can often see the old models from ten years ago. At present, the local car emission regulations in Peru are Euro 2 standard.

According to the information from customers, after two or three years of promotion and sales of Chinese cars in the Peru market, the sales volume of Chinese brand cars in the Peru market is rising.

The advantage of Chinese executive minibus for sale.

The German cars and Japanese and Korean cars dominate the Peru market. Comparing with them, the biggest advantage of Chinese executive minibus for sale is their good performance with low cost. While the disadvantage is lack of publicity. In response to the rumors about the quality of minibus, customers said that in the past two years of Chinese car sales, even there were complaints but it is few. This is because complete range of vehicle parts, car maintenance, and repair guarantee for the customer. Thus we won the satisfaction from customers. The customer stated that, as the economy growing better and better, the Peruvian auto market is prospering. Moreover, the sales of minibus in Peru are rising.

The market share of Chinese executive minibus for sale is expected to exceed in the near future. At the same time, for minibus recommended by KINGSTAR, the customer also gave unique insights: minibus market does not account for a large proportion of the current automotive market. However, the executive minibus for sale is diversified in body size and usage and has strong applicability. That’s why it has a stable Customer base, many countries and regions have irreplaceable demand for such models.

Chinese brand minibus are mainly focusing on improving their low-end minibus products to enter the market.

In the period when traditional executive minibus for sale products of brands such as Japan and South Korea are gradually upgrading. Moreover, they turn to high-end products. Chinese brand minibus is mainly focusing on improving their low-end minibus products to enter the market. In fact, in the past two years, Chinese branded minibus products have officially entered the Peruvian market and open the market successfully. During this trip, Kingstar has fully prepared a variety of minibus models, including length of 4 meters to 5.99 meters. These models with various seat layouts ranging from 7 seats to 20 seats, covers with 1.0L 1.3L, 2.2L to 2.8L.

Customers are very interest in the various minibus models from Kingstar. Combined with the local market’s requirements for the executive minibus for sale, customers have exchanged valuable opinions with Kingstar, suggesting Kingstar could customize the executive minibus for sale as per the local market requirement.

executive minibus for sale

During this trip, Kingstar visited its cooperative customers’ exhibition hall, after-sales service station, and workshop. Peruvian customers have a good ability to modify the minibus, they can lengthen the body size of the minibus. Also, convert the right-hand driver car to the left-hand drive.

KINGSTAR will strengthen its capacity for innovation

KING STAR was greatly impressed by the customers’ rich technical experience. And this trip, it was fortunate for KINGSTAR to attend the auto show in TACNA Peru. The auto show was outdoors, and the cooperative customer displayed Kingstar’s executive minibus for sale as one of the exhibited cars. It also attracted many customers to inquire.

In the planning blueprint for future development, KINGSTAR will strengthen its capacity for innovation. At the same time, we will speed up the development of various executive minibus for sale models with a rich configuration for meeting different demands from the Peruvian market. KINGSTAR will always be the customer’s trustworthy partner and firm supporter to get a win-win future.



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