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Congratulations! KINGSTAR and a Peruvian automobile company signed the exclusive agreement for Kingstar’s 8-seater service minibus on July 13, 2012, confirming an annual order quantity of 600 units minibus for Peru market. Till now, Kingstar has a professional marketing partner to sell the 8-seater service minibus in Peru. Therefore, it providing the best service in sales and after service for this minibus in the local market.

service minibus

The headquarter of authorized Peruvian company is in Lima, the capital of Peru. Lima is Peru’s economic, cultural, and transportation center and a major trading city. Many well-known Chinese automobile companies have agents in Lima. The Peruvian exclusive dealer mainly in the auto business with Japanese second-hand cars and South Korea used cars. It has sales outlets covering Southeast Asia, Central, and South America. The cooperation between Kingstar and the exclusive agent in Peru surely will bring this 8 seat minibus selling all over Peru.

Actually, the exclusive agent and Kingstar learned with each other through the online sales platform.

Kingstar people had made visiting the agent in Peru in 2009. What’s more, we attended the agent’s booth at the local auto show in Tacna. Through the active interaction and understanding of the two parties, the two parties have achieved positive interaction and highly win trust for each other.

The exclusive agent is very interested in KINGSTAR’s products of light truck, pickup, vans, and minibus, and has also launched orders for various models with KINGSTAR. This time, the 8-seater minibus launched by Kingstar in 2011 caters to the market demand for passenger transportation minibus in Peru. By taking this good chance, after frequent discussion between the two parties, the agent combined the local demand for the minibus in Peru and exchanged views with Kingstar for the refitting of the equipment. Such as with power steering for the minibus. Finally reached the cooperation plan for the exclusive dealership for this 8 seater service minibus.

The KINGSTAR 7-8 seater minibus is a length of 4 meters. Displacement covers 1.0L, 1.3L. This minibus has a rich configuration, beautiful appearance, capacious space, and economic fuel consumption. The minibus is operated for businesses, families, and logistical use. Moreover, the perfect body size makes this minibus a great advantage for running in the narrow aisle. And most of the 600 unit minibus will serve as a taxi service in Peru.

service minibus

Power steering is one of the main equipment also for this 8-seater service minibus.

Power steering is a kind of equipment that functioned on adjusting the direction of the service minibus. At the same time, it helps the driver to turn the steering wheel easily. It plays a very important role in the safety. Moreover, it would be economic for installing such equipment on this service minibus.  

KINGSTAR 7-8 seater service minibus, which will be for the local travel, passenger transportation, commuting, and logistics markets. With high technology, superior quality, diversified usage, and a professional service team for managing this minibus, it will enable this service minibus to cover a wider customer base in Peru and get more demand from the market, and this will achieve a win-win situation for all parties.

The signing of this exclusive agreement for the minibus has strengthened the cooperation between the two parties. Through this cooperation, the dealer and Kingstar will get greater achievement in the Peruvian market!

Model service minibus for the exclusive agreement:

service minibus
service minibus



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