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KINGSTAR shipped cheap minibuses to Bolivia

Since we started exporting the first batch of cheap minibuses and minivan to Bolivia in 2016, this market has gradually become our main overseas market.

cheap minibuses

Bolivia is a developing country in South America and its economic level is not high. Therefore, local demand models are mainly economical.

In July 2016, we made the first cheap minibuses to Bolivia. The price is very cheap.

cheap minibuses

The South American market has always been our largest overseas market. As the market share of automobiles continues to increase, the importing models are gradually getting enrich. In the Bolivian market, in the past three years, the market share of minibuses that ship to local competitors has been close to 50%, making it the first minibus exported to China. Inexpensive cheap minibuses models have been widely used in the local taxi industry. And a total of nearly 6,000 types of cars have been exported.

cheap minibuses

Bolivia is a landlocked country located in central South America. Road transportation accounts for about 85% of traffic. Many cities represented by the capital La Paz are located in plateaus and mountainous areas. And the urban roads are uneven. Since exporting in 2015, cheap minibuses have been exported to Bolivia, including more than 5,000 different types of models. It is our largest overseas market. Inexpensive minibuses are the most popular domestically exported models.

KINGSTAR minibus has exported Chinese vehicles to over 90 countries and regions in the past 20 years. Such as Bolivia, Peru, Nigeria, Jamaica, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Latvia, Angola, Ghana, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Suriname, Bulgaria, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Wallis & Futuna, Kuwait, Iraq, Nicaragua, Panama, Madagascar, Congo, Egypt; Bulgaria, Cyprus, Honduras, Gabon, El Salvador, Bahrain, UAE, USA, Guatemala, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Saint Martin, Malta, Namibia, Sudan, French Polynesia, Poland, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Botswana, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.. We welcome your inquiry about the minibus and minivan.



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