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KINGSTAR exhibits best minivans in autoshow

KINGSTAR has been in the auto business since the year 1999. It is with good experience in auto exportation, well-established business relationship with clients from different countries. For well introducing the vehicles including the best minivans to the customer, KINGSTAR visit customers. Besides, attending the auto shows is also the way for KINGSTAR to introducing the year’s best minivans to visitors from different countries.

Actually for the year best minivans like the J4 / J5 / J6 models that KINGSTAR introduces to the clients.

It was in the markets for a period of time and won a certain market share already. Exportation reaches many countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Namibia, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil…etc.

The year best minivans like the J4 / J5 / J6 models are very popular by the public as passenger transportation. Also for the operating company, it has a small investment, a large profit, very economical and durable model. Because it could be customized as per customer’s need, it successfully won the praise from overseas markets. Kingstar best minivans gradually gain a foothold in the local auto market. In terms of after-sales service, Kingstar closely cooperates with local distributors to set up 4S stores. Moreover, parts warehouses with sales outlets in many cities across the country. Good after-sales service has made Kingstar’s best minivans more and more popular in the market and brings many customers.

best minivans

(Photo is for J6 series minibus exhibit in South Africa showroom)

The best minivans series like J4 / J5 / J6 similar to the hot sales model in Japan.

Secondly, with stable quality, reasonable price, and good after-sales service, KINGSTAR year best minivans have obtained abundant admiration from clients. We could see that, during the period of the exhibition, many visitors took photos with KINGSTAR. It fully displaying the best minivans influence to the clients. From the exhibitions, KINGSTAR has gained many inquiries from customs, and orders for the best minivans are confirmed.

Firstly, there are three kinds of lengths for selection: 4.8 meters, 5.4 meters, 6 meters. It contains rich configuration, with economic type, standard type and luxury type for meeting different needs from customers, very flexible for customer choosing the equipment that they need.

best minivans

To work with KINGSTAR, customers could get the best service. KINGSTAR has a very professional and diligent sales team and the technology & service team are servicing all customers always for this 15 seater minibus for sale in the market. KINGSTAR will be a good cooperation partner that customers could reply to.

We believe that KINGSTAR will achieve more in the overseas market. Let us work together for the best minivans.



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