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30 units KINGSTAR VF4 model 8 passenger van deliver to Peruvian customers successfully. The success of this delivery represents that the quality of KINGSTAR minivan model VF4 has been recognized by users in South America! And it once again consolidated the overseas market share for the minivan model.

8 passenger van

Because of the fierce competition in the passenger transport market, the market demand for large and medium-size passenger cars is declining gradually. And the demand for short-distance intercity and small passenger cars has become bigger. Quick running and cost-saving for the van are with huge potential demand from the markets. In order to meet the market demand, KINGSTAR launched the passenger van and catch the business opportunity.

The continuous expansion of the South American market brings high recognition from the markets for the 8 passenger van model. KINGSTAR received inquiries through various online platforms, by auto shows, and also by visiting customers abroad. So far, the minivan series models have been exported to Peru, Bolivia, Nigeria, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, and many other countries.

8 passenger van

Kingstar’s 8 passenger vans have great advantages:

Less fuel consumption for saving cost, various models for selection, and suitable prices for meeting different customer demands. The biggest advantage of this minivan is its small size and good passability. The body size is small, very suitable for running on narrow roads in urban areas.

The price for the 8 passenger vans is also very favorable, the unit FOB price is between USD 4000-USD 5800, very economic for users in business operation.

8 passenger van

8 passenger van offers many benefits for customers:

  • Safe and comfortable operation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long lifespan
  • Increased efficiency for business, helping buyers achieving small investment and large revenue.
  • In the time after-sales service

That is why KINGSTAR 8 passenger van get more repeat orders from the oversea markets.

Reviewing KINGSTAR’s foreign trade achievements reflects the recognition and trust from overseas markets for KINGSTAR 8 passenger van. It is because of KINGSTAR’s hard-working step by step, KINGSTAR has achieved continuous orders in the markets.



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