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Imagine the smart cockpit of a Minibus

Electricity, intelligence, networking, and sharing have become the future development trend of the automotive industry. And have become the consensus of the industry. These trends will bring about great changes in people’s lives and travel. As well as changes in cockpit shapes, cockpit functions, and interaction methods.

   The design of the smart cockpit has become a key factor for future development and innovation. And it is also a very important aspect of creating differentiation and attracting users.

Highly autonomous driving faces many challenges such as technology, laws, and regulations.

At the same time, the laying of 5G networks and roadside infrastructure also takes a relatively long time.


Before waiting for the full maturity of autonomous driving technology, the popularity of the “smart cockpit” for minibus has increased significantly. The “smart cockpit” for a minibus with a new design concept is more attractive to consumers than autonomous driving technology.

The smart cockpit for a minibus is to meet the different needs of different people through various intelligent means.

Compared with the existing cockpit, the smart cockpit for the minibus is more intelligent and humane. It can insight into the needs of users, and can well meet the needs of users.

The intelligent cockpit for a minibus is a complete system composed of different cockpit electronics.

It realizes human-computer interaction through multi-screen integration. It is mainly composed of hardware and software. Among them, the hardware part mainly includes the central control large screen (including the infotainment system), Streaming media central rearview mirror, head-up display system HUD, full LCD instrumentation four categories, the software part mainly includes an operating system, middleware, intelligent voice.

   With the continuous penetration of minibus electronics, dashboards, central control panels, and in-vehicle infotainment terminals will face upgrades and integration. Cockpit electronics for minibus represented by full LCD instrumentation, HUD, minibus entertainment system, and rear-seat entertainment can bring a more intelligent and safe interactive experience.

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence and Internet of Vehicles technology, the future development direction of minibusses will also develop in the direction of longer, deeper, and higher frequency human-computer interaction.

   Today, the minibus cockpit is rapidly changing from analog and trial to a fully digital smart cockpit. It can provide a higher degree of integration and very practical benefits.

   In the future, the smart cockpit for the minibus will incorporate more black technologies. Such as smart control, human-computer interaction, and artificial intelligence to become a space for emotional communication.

   As the main interactive portal and value core of future smart cars, the smart cockpit for the minibus market has a huge imagination.



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