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When we are buying the school bus, we are considering how to choose the cheap but functions well school bus. No matter when the function and price are the two main factors we are concerned about.

1. The definition of school bus

The school bus is referred to obtain the using permit in accordance with the “School Bus Safety Management Regulations”. Is the vehicle above 7 seats to pick up the compulsory education students to and back from school. The school bus for primary school students should be designed and manufactured in accordance with the national standards for primary school students.

The work Safety Commission of the State Council of China has pointed, to establish and improve the school bus safety laws and regulations system and safety management system. Clear the pass priority of school bus, enhance school bus management, ensure the safety of school bus; The policy requires school buses must have satellite systems and limited speed equipment. In China, parents could be received the message of what time their children have on or off the bus by children swipe their card.

2. Developed history of school bus

Before the invention of the vehicle, the United States already had the professional marla school bus for pick up, students. Wayne Works was the first company to produce a school bus. Started produced carriage which could be loading 25 children since 1837, this carriage is used to pick up and drop off students. Since the year 1886, people start to call this carriage “school buses” or “school trucks”.

After the invention of the vehicle, Wayne Works company put the carriage on the chassis of a car. Then power driven school bus invented. After 1927, Wayne Works with another school bus manufacturer named Blue Bird Body Company started to produce the all-metal school buses, this kind of powered trucks has no fundamentally difference from today’s school bus.

3. How to choose the correct cheap school bus?

① Check if the width of the road is appropriate for the school bus you are going to buy.

② The school bus should not be too big, otherwise there will be a poor through a problem. And it is not flexible, and the waiting time will be too long to wait. If parents have a different opinion about this, the driver will have big pressure to catch up on time. What’s more, the driver may exceed the limited speed, increase the safety risks.

③ Better to buy the professional school bus instead of modification bus.

④ The usage specification: As a school bus does not need to be too luxurious, but must meet the national school bus standards to get national recognition.

4. Daily maintenance of cheap school bus

The normal maintenance of the vehicle is related to the service life of the vehicle and the safety of the driver and passengers.  Improper maintenance or use will cause the multifunction of vehicles and bring safety risks. In addition to doing the maintenance on time for mandatory maintenance, also should do a good job of daily maintenance work. This is beneficial to the “health” of the vehicle.  Many users’ vehicles are still in good driving condition without major failures after 600,000 kilometers, which benefits from careful daily maintenance  

  • Engine inspection of cheap school bus

Park the school bus on a horizontal road. Pull out the scale to check the oil quantity, if the oil is within the two lines (F) and (L), it belongs to the normal range, if it is lower than (L).  The specified type of oil should be added, and the level of oil should not be higher than (F)

  • Engine coolant level inspection of cheap school bus

 Do not open the radiator cover when the engine is still in a heating status. Otherwise, you will get injured by the splashed coolant or high-temperature steam. You should wait till the engine is cooled, check if the coolant level is between the full and low position, otherwise you should add distilled water or pure water (mineral water can’t be added) or refrigerating liquid. The liquid level height can’t exceed the max position. If you found the coolant decreased rapidly within a short time, check whether the cooling system leaks or go to the maintenance station to check.  

5. Cheap school bus for sale from KINGSTAR

Cheap school bus does not mean the quality is not good.

At this time, we are doing the promotion of a school bus which is quite cheap.

Cheap School Bus

5.1 Cheap school minibus of BG3 12-16seats:

This is a cheap school bus which can be left-hand driving and also could be made for right-hand driving mode with different prices. It is a high roof bus which means space inside will be larger than the regular one. For body optional choice, we could also make a semi-high roof.

5.2 The interior of the cheap school bus

This is our standard new type dashboard.

Below wood-grain dashboard will be an optional choice.

Cheap School Bus

5.3 The inspection of the cheap school bus of BG3

The dimension of BG3 is 5053 × 1700 × 2240mm, the wheelbase is 2,890mm, the max speed is ≥115km/h, the fuel tank capacity is 70L, and the standard seat capacity is 16 seats.

5.4 The engine of BG3 cheap school bus

5.5 The chassis of BG3 cheap school bus

The safety of children going to school or back from school has always been a concern of society. The most common way is for parents to pick up their children at school. Traffic jam is an inevitable issue if all parents doing like this. In addition, the school bus is gradually replacing parent’s pick up. So the question is, can I trust the “school bus”?

How important the school bus?

“Life is the most precious treasure on the earth, the world is wonderful because of life”!

It is of great significance to eliminate school bus safety risks and strengthen school bus safety management. We should start from every small detail, from the safety of every school bus. And absolutely protect the life safety of primary and middle school students, so that every child will have a safe and beautiful future!  

Cheap School Bus



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