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How Important Does A Good Quality Short Bus For This Society

There are kinds of school bus in the world, of course, short bus included, even is not common in domestic.  

1. Long nose school bus is the most popular and well known type.

The longnose school bus is the school bus type stipulated in the international standard. From the appearance, the prominent front is the most obvious feature of the long nose school bus. More than half of the engine of the long nose school bus is located in front of the windshield and is installed in the blind mirror.

The advantages of the long nose school bus

As half of the engine is in front of the windshield, it can buffer the front collision damage. On the “long nose”, there is also a two-sided, bull-nose-ring-shaped mirror. Which works with a rearview mirror and a reversing monitor to create a truly non-360degree blind spot.

Many manufacturers in domestic adopt the structure of the American long nose school bus with an all-steel closed ring structure. The hood and bumper are several times thicker than other vehicles so that the school bus impact resistance is much stronger. Above the driver’s dashboard, there is a display screen which is a monitoring device inside the car. You can see all the status of the students inside the vehicle.

2. National safety standard for special school bus (included short bus)

The National safety standard for the short bus was consist of “Special school bus safety technical conditions” and “Special school bus student seat system and its vehicle fixed parts of the strength”. These two mandatory national standards stated clear all kinds of technical indicators and test methods of the short bu and seat system. Pay more attention to the safety of the vehicle performance, the humanization of vehicle configuration, and the operability of the vehicle safety management.

For example, the requirements of the standard. The steps of the short bus can not be too high, must be set up on and off handrail, the aisle must be smooth and anti-slippery. The seats and partition must be soft material, the air inside the short bus must reach the standard. At the same time, the standard has made a series of provisions on speed limiting device; the limit of passenger numbers; first aid kit; seat arrangement of the caretaker; special school bus sign light; parking indicator; data recorder monitoring system, and so on.

Compares with the old national << The safety technical specification of primary school students >>, <<National safety standard for school bus>> modified the students’ seat, emergency exit, steps, and other 30 items. Increased first aid kit, interior decoration, signal system, maximum loading capacity of passengers, and other 30 items.

3. The history of school bus

The history of the school bus in the United States could be traced to the end of the 19th century. By 1910, already 30 states implemented student traffic plans with different degrees. Since 1927, when Bluebird Bus Company made the first school bus in the United States, school bus continued to develop. In 2011, there were 460,000units of the school bus (included short bus) in the United States per year to transport about 26 million students to go to school or off school back home, traveling reach 4 billion miles.

4. The security regulations of school bus in China

In China, the state supports the provision of school bus services for students who lived in (include short bus) rural areas. The state support through financial aid, preferential taxation, and encouraging social donations. Financial support funds for the development of school bus services shall be shared by the central and local governments. Moreover, specific measures shall be formulated by the financial department of the State Council.  

In order to ensure the safety of school buses (Included short bus) and parking, the regulation gives three priorities to school buses.

① When the school bus is carrying students, the traffic police should guide the school bus to have priority passage;  
② The school bus may drive on the bus lane and other road sections where public vehicles are not allowed to pass but public vehicles are allowed to pass;  
③ When the school bus needs to pick up the students or students need to get off the bus.

The vehicles behind the school bus (included short bus) should stop and wait, and no passing is allowed.

The United States has “School Bus Law” to standardize the responsibilities of various departments when school bus (includes short bus) is under operation. In addition, in the United States, school buses (includes short bus) have a special privilege in the right of way: Once the bus driver turns on the “STOP” sign, all cars behind him, no matter which lane they are in, they must stop even the president. In 50 states of the United States have the same traffic rules: Overtaking a parked school bus (includes short bus) which is getting on and off students is one of the most serious traffic offenses. It can tell that the United States paid great attention to the students.

No doubt that no matter which country, they all paid a great attention to the students.

5. School minibus from KINGSTAR

This school minibus we called BG3 with 12~16 seats (seats could be adjustable). It is a left-hand driving school minibus and sure could be right-hand driving mode with different prices. It is a high roof minibus with more space inside the minibus. For the body structure optional choice, we could also make a semi-high roof.

short bus

The engine parameter of our school minibus as below:

Short Bus

The chassis of our school minibus as below:

Short Bus

A safe school minibus means a lot to this whole society. Please feel free to contact us for a good quality school short bus inquiry.



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