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How does it come to develop into a mini tourist bus

What’s mini tourist bus? 

The mini tourist bus is often called Bus (transliteration of “bus” in English) in Hong Kong and Macau. In which “bus” is short for public transportation and bus is also called passenger transport or bus in Taiwan.  The minibus refers to the motor vehicles that follow a fixed route on urban roads with or without fixed frequency and carry passengers for traveling.  Generally, a mini tourist bus is the most popular means of mass tourism transportation.  With the development of urbanization and motorization, the urban population and region are increasing, the demand for public transport is increasing rapidly so as to requires public transport enterprises to invest more buses.

mini tourist bus

The origin of the mini tourist bus can trace back to at least 1826.  At that time, a retired military officer set up a flour mill on the outskirts of Nantes. Northwest France where hot water discharged from steam engines was used for bathing to build a public bathing place. And a wagon service connecting the city center was in providing.  When he found that people along the way could use his coach, he opened a bus route between hotels to let passengers and mail use freely along the way.

mini tourist bus

The mini tourist bus is a kind of bus for traveling.  To put it simply, a minibus is a small bus with no more than 17 seats. Based on its appearance and shape, it is commonly known as “van” in China. The mini tourist bus is flexible and has high riding comfort.  The arrangement of this vehicle should ensure the comfort of passengers without carrying standing passengers. 

mini tourist bus

Tourist bus can seperate into bicycle and trains according to the overall structure.  

Bicycle is a basic vehicle type. It is often divided into large, medium, and small according to the total weight of the bus or the number of seats set.  Per China stipulates the length of a single bus is generally no more than 12 meters. The carriage and frame of the passenger train are divided into two sections. The two carriages are connecting with hinge plates. And the two carriages are connecting with movable pleats. So that the carriages communicate with each other before and after.  Therefore, they are also called articulated or channel buses.  Per China stipulates that the length of passenger trains generally does not exceed 18 meters.

Did you get more about the mini tourist bus?  Let’s take a minibus to go around together, enjoy the beauty of the world, taste the food of the world, eat and play.

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