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How amazing to create party bus companies by using the idle bus at home to open a party

Do you know the bus can be used for the parties?  How about party bus companies?  How were they founded?  Let’s listen to one interesting story below.

The birth of party bus companies:

The birth of a foreign party bus company is actually very accidental. The founder’s parents run limousines and party buses. He has been playing in the office since he was a child. With the increase of age, he gradually participates in the daily business operation of the company. He was very interested in video games and other new technologies that would be on the market every holiday, and soon he noticed that his parents’ reservation system and operation dashboard were outdated and never updated.  But he didn’t care at that time.

party bus companies

Until college, his friends proposed to organize a bus party, but they had trouble making reservations. He found that the younger generation is not interested in the old booking process of limousines and party buses, but the demand is still not small.

party bus companies

When you start to build products, it is usually to solve the problems you hate most.  He cooperated with these friends who wanted to book bus parties and founded famous foreign party bus companies.

These party bus companies actually started with on-demand service.

The founder’s parents lent them unused vehicles.  Then, their cars wandered around the road all weekend.  After downloading the tools, the team felt more professional. They subscribed to the basic on-demand software and launched the service of “Group Uber”.

Through these, they learned a lot and made a realistic assessment of what the industry lacked. To sum up, it is the booking experience. They realize that generally everyone likes to arrange time in advance, and not everyone is on a whim like college students, and always comes on a trip when they say they will leave.

The party bus companies focus on creating a market so that home transportation companies can put their vehicles on the platform and users can easily book anyone they like. The company of the founder’s parents is the first car operator to join their platform. Soon after, it also brought them a return, increasing their sales by more than 20%.

Over the years, the party bus companies are still developing and changing their goals. They are now committed to creating a community for vehicle operators so that they can cooperate and make profits from vacant vehicles. This process is often called going out to work, which is a popular theme in group transportation. They are trying to enhance this experience for companies of all sizes.

How amazing to create party bus companies by using the idle bus at home to open a party, right?

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