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How about the estimated Mini-bus cost – KINGSTAR minibus

In China, many automobile manufacturers have MINIBUS models. And the prices are very competitive. In the past few years, the annual overseas sales of this type of MINIBUS exceeded 50,000. The growth rate is very high. While the mini-bus cost is going down each year.

Mini-bus cost

Among them, our Kingstar sales have also increased to varying degrees.

Especially in South America and Egypt, the demand for this type of MINIBUS is very high. Due to the many competing brands, price competition is very fierce, and all brands are doing their best to improve brand competitiveness.

Mini-bus cost

Our MINI-BUS COST is between 7000-10000 USD

In order to improve price competitiveness, we continue to make more optimized economic allocations. While striving to achieve comfortable driving, price acceptance is also very popular.

Quality and service

However, we did not reduce the configuration or worsen the price competition of accessories. We believe that in addition to price competition, quality and service are more important, which is a necessary condition for long-term healthy development.

Mini-bus cost

If you lose quality and service just to lower the price of minibusses, this will be a short-term achievement and will definitely be abandoned by the market for a long time.

In 2016, Kingstar exported 300 MINIBUS to Egypt. The price is about US$10,000. It is precise because of reasonable prices, good configuration and excellent service that our sales continue to grow in the next few years. Brand awareness continues to increase.

In 2016, the Bolivian government announced that it would stop importing second-hand cars and prohibit the sale of second-hand cars. This policy has attracted almost all Chinese brands of MINIBUS to flock to the local area. Because our MINI-BUS COST is more competitive, customers choose us, and the first batch of orders reached 70 units.

At the same time, according to customer requirements and market demand at the time, we added roof racks to this MINIBUS, and a climbing ladder was installed on the tail door to facilitate passengers to load and unload luggage, which undoubtedly increased our competitiveness.

Continue to meet the needs of the market and consumers in order to develop better and further.



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