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1. Firstly, the background of our manufacturer

Our manufacturer of the new small van is the direct holding enterprise of the automobile industry group of the province. As one of the three automobile industries in the province, this is the irreplaceable “Hercynian tectonic plates” of the national automobile industry. The advantages of our manufacturer:

1.1 Government project with great support

Our manufacturer is the main project of the development of the Central Soviet has been attracted high attention and formulated special support policies from the government.

1.2 Research and development of the automobile Center + Motor production base

Our manufacturer has an automobile research center which could develop a new vehicle each year. At the same time, import the famous group engine technology to build an engine production base with an annual output of 300,000 units.

2. Secondly, the introduction of eM70L electric new small van

2.1 The exterior of the new small van

From the exterior of the new small van, the overall design of the car is simple and prudent. The front part adopts an inverted trapezoidal intake grille design, equipped with a transverse meshwork model for filling, perfectly matched with larger size lights on both sides. The body tail light group adopts a split design, with high identification at night. The car license plate area is larger, with the concave and convex trunk cover, the rear of the new small van has a good sense of hierarchy.   

new small van
2.2 The interior of the new small van

For the interior, the overall design is concise and clear, mainly vintage style. The central part adopts an asymmetrical type design that does not connect with the armrest box position. The interior space is quite neat, physical buttons and air conditioning control close together in the region and enhanced the integrity of the instrument panel. The Three-width steering wheel used the traditional circular design, match with the traditional gear shifting mechanism and the traditional pointer instrument make the car full of the pure flavor of the original instrument.

2.3 The space of the new small van

The dimension of the van is 4,421 * 1,67 * 1,902mm, the wheelbase is 3,050mm. The space inside the vehicle is quite good, you don’t have any cramped feeling when seating. The driver seat is higher to keep the driver’s feet have a good stretch which could release a long time driving. The double-side sliding door has a good performance in ensuring the practicality of the interior space. The trunk opening is quite big, the bottom is low for convenient easy grabs or puts things in it. The regular interior of the cargo space can meet the needs of various stores. 

new small van
2.4 The engine of the new small van

We have two versions of this new small van, both van with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the max speed is ≥80 km/h. Below detailed information of two versions for your reference.

2.5 The general configurations of the new small van

This van equipped the reminder of driver seat safety belt, ABS + EBD braking system, reversing radar, vehicle monitoring system, steel wheel, manual side sliding door, interior central control lock with remote key (front, middle and tail door), adjustable light height, electric window, co-drivers auxiliary handle, co-driver’s seat adjustment (adjustable forward and rearward), etc.,

2.6 The special configurations of the new small van
2.7 Other configurations of the new small van

3. Thirdly, what advantages could an electric new small van bring us?

Nowadays, the environmental pollution issue has got worse which attracted the attention of the whole world. One of the pollutions is the vehicle exhaust, the development of pure electric vehicle just like a savior of the pollution

3.1. Environment-friendly

This should be the most prominent advantage of the pure electric van. It will not have any emissions during the driving. Comparing with the traditional vehicle, this will help a lot on air pollution issue.

3.2. Lower noise

This is the most intuitive feature of the pure electric van. Noisy became one of the most pollutions in big cities, reduce the noise pollution is also a test for the future automobile industry.

3.3 High efficiency

This is one of the most obvious characteristics of the pure electric new small van. During the driving, you will always meet the traffic light. And vehicles will always start and stop especially in an urban area. Compares with the traditional vehicles, not only with big energy consumption but also means more emission.

3.4 Simple structure with easy maintenance

This should be the spotlight of the pure electric new small van. Compares with the traditional vehicle, an electric vehicle is easier to operate. With a simple structure, no need to change oil, oil pump, silencer, or add cooling water, etc., With a good battery, it will last longer than a fuel vehicle.

3.5. Wide range of use, not affected by the environment

This is another characteristic of a pure electric new small van. In special situations, such as unventilated, cold winter temperatures, or high altitude oxygen deprivation, fuel-type vehicles either fail to work or become less efficient. But electric vehicles are not affected by these situations at all.



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