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High Torque And Low Fuel Consumption 26 mini bus From KINGSTAR

What do you know about minibus? How much do you know about a 26 mini bus seating capacity? Is it safe enough to take passengers for a long journey? How’s the fuel consumption of the 26 mini bus seating capacity?

Let’s check it out today.

This 26 mini bus seating capacity we called Y7.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the minibus.

① The world-renowned Austrian ECS company provided this minivan with the whole system optimization review and adjustment including transmission, steering, suspension, braking and etc.

② The monocoque body structure with the world-class electrophoresis production line, we can ensure this minibus skeleton works for 10 years without rust.

③ Safety and performance testing proved the reliability of the minibus. It can ensure no matter you are in a hot region, plateau, or cold region, you can drive it smoothly.

Secondly, the exterior of the 26 mini bus

The exterior of the minibus is quite sharp and in an elegant shape line. We have the option of sliding side window and push-escape side window. Also, we have equipped curtains for all side windows.

26 mini bus
26 mini bus

Thirdly, the specifications of the minibus

The dimension of the minibus is 7,490 * 2,000 * 2,875 which is a high roof minibus with more space. The wheelbase of the minibus is 4,325mm, the seating capacity could be 26seats (including the driver seat). The material of the seats is made of imitation leather seats with a 3-point seat belt.

The system of the minibus

The gearbox of the minibus is 6-speed manual transmission. The front suspension of the minibus is Macpherson independent suspension; the rear is leaf-spring suspension. The front and rear are disc brake, ABS + EDB are also available on this minibus. The tires equipped on this minibus are 195/75R16LT. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 120km per hour.

The engine of the minibus

Y7 is a diesel engine minibus, the engine model of the minibus is RA428 2.8T. The rated power of the minibus is 120kw. The max torque of the minibus is 420N.m. The fuel consumption of the 26 mini bus seating capacity is 10.5L per 100km which is really cost-saving. The tank volume of the minibus is 80L. The emission of the minibus is Euro V.



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