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Great max torque of 2020 minivans for sale from KINGSTAR

What is minivan?

2020 minivans for sale are an advocate natural, keen on tourism human-derived under the wave of car-derived models. Compared with the MPV and SUV, the purchase price and cost are low and have a more dexterous body, easy to drive and park. Therefore, in the economically developed countries (especially in Europe) plays an important role in the life of the people.

Brief introduction of minivan

Minivan on the international referred to as the –K-type car, its initial style, is the rear of the three-van car with a roof. In order to increase the storage space, so that it is more suitable for travel, such as travel car and etc.

The characteristics of the 2020 minivans for sale from KINGSTAR

① Super luggage space

② Same comfortability with sedan

The development history of 2020 minivans for sale from KINGSTAR

Recalling the development mileage of minivans in China. The first thing that comes into our mind should be the well-known “V” brand car. At that time, a large number of vehicles were used as police vehicles, while a small number of civilian vehicles were also used as passenger and cargo vehicles by the owners. Passengers in front and goods in the rear of the minivan, it is an “antique car” now. It only introduced the station wagon to China but not the concept of car travel.

After that, Guangzhou city in China also produced a batch of 505 station wagons. Now this car is rarely seen in the street.

Time flies to 2001, the name of the station wagon was introduced to China. To enter the station wagon market, Nanjing city published a station wagon. Strictly, it is not a station wagon or minivan, it is more tend to “RV”. More tend to casual and family.

2020 minivan for sale from KINGSTAR

We KINGSTAR as a professional automobile exporter from China. The main range of our vehicles are 7-24 seat minibusses, cargo van, 28-56 seat city buses, and coach buses, trucks, pickups, SUV, MPV, electric cars, etc.,

① This 2020 minivan for sale is one of our hot sale minivan models, this model we called M50J. The dimension of the minivan is 4,900 * 1,835 * 1,890mm, the wheelbase of the minivan is 2,950mm. The engine of the minivan is a 5.0L gasoline engine. We have a manual and automatic gearbox for consideration.

2020 minivans for sale
The interior of the 2020 minivan for sale from KINGSTAR

The standard driving of the minivan is left-hand driving minivan; right-hand driving will be an optional choice. The dimension of the minivan is 4,900 * 1,835 * 1,890mm, the wheelbase of the minivan is 2,950mm.

We have three versions, standard version, luxury version, and super luxury version. The max speed of the minivan is ≥170km per hour. The emission of the minivan is Euro V, the displacement of the minivan is 1.999L. The maximum torque of the minivan is 280/1800-4000 N.m/rpm. The transmission type for different versions also are not the same:

Standard version: manual 5 speeds (DAE)

Luxury version: 6DCT

Super luxury version: 6DCT For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us for catalog and price list.



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