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Finance provides big support to the development of new minibus for sale

How does finance help the development of the automotive industry chain, such as a new minibus for sale?

new minibus for sale

In recent years, the Wuhan branch of a well-known bank has focused on finance to help the high-quality development of the automotive industry chain.

In 2021, it is planned to provide comprehensive financing of more than 120 billion yuan for the automobile industry chain, such as new minibus and minivan, and provide all-round financial support for the automobile industry, such as new minibus for sale partners across the country.

The impact of epidemic:

Before the outbreak, the company produced about 20,000 glass pieces per day. During the epidemic, its output decreased by 57% year on year.   At the beginning of last year, as an important glass supplier for auto manufacturers, raw material transportation and capital turnover encountered great difficulties due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The chairman said: “After learning about this situation, the bank’s Wuhan branch took the initiative to contact us to provide relief loan support, help companies stabilize cash flow. ” And use online green channels to pay employees’ wages, helping the company quickly resume normal operations.

The industrial chain is very complicated, and if one link is in the block, it may be difficult for upstream and downstream enterprises to operate. Especially affected by the epidemic, strengthening the coordination of the industrial chain is the key to the orderly advancement of the automobile industry.

A private enterprise in Zhejiang Province that operates economical vehicles, including new minibus for sale retail and maintenance services. During the epidemic, in order to solve the difficulty of capital turnover, the bank’s Wuhan branch adopted paperless approval, video underwriting, online withdrawals, etc. And quickly issued more than 2 million yuan of “war epidemic” small working capital to the company within a week.

Loans are for paying employees’ salaries, accessories, rent, utilities, etc. These strongly support companies in fighting the epidemic and resuming production and work. Mr. Liu, the legal representative of the enterprise, said excitedly: “Thank you for the help of China CITIC Bank Wuhan Branch. With the care of the government and the assistance of financial institutions, no matter how big difficulties you can overcome.”

1. Provide one-stop financial services for vehicles, such as new minibus for sale

An automobile dealer group company in Guizhou Province, mainly engaged in automobile retail and maintenance services. It has cooperated with this bank’s Wuhan branch for 15 years. Banks can solve all kinds of capital needs. Such as the purchase of spare parts, test rides, second-hand cars, etc.

Based on the advantages of traditional wholesale financing and consumer credit financing, the bank’s Wuhan branch vigorously supports the private and real economy. This serves the manufacturing industry and provides integrated and comprehensive financial service solutions for dealer group customers. According to statistics, 90% of the auto finance credit enterprises loan from by this bank’s Wuhan branch are private enterprises. The majority concentrated in the auto manufacturing industry. Such as the downstream supply chain of a new minibus for sale. And the service scope covers more than 200 cities in various provinces. These are mainly Medium-sized and small enterprises with less than 100 employees have an annual financing amount of more than 100 billion yuan.

The Wuhan branch of this well-known bank has established a one-stop management department for the entire process of the auto finance business. This is to optimize business processes and improve operational efficiency. Provide special financial services. Such as new minibus for sale for auto dealers with small working capital loans, test rides, test drives, second-hand cars, etc. And also provide credit financing for dealers that meet the requirements. And actively promote automobile Industry, including new minibus for sale supply chain development.

2. The loan time is shortened to 10 minutes for vehicles.

“The loan time has been shortened from one or two days to the current 10 minutes!” said the financial director of an automobile company in Urumqi. Xinjiang: “This bank’s Wuhan branch realized online financing and automatic lending and automatic redemption. In the past, companies in remote areas had a disadvantage in terms of timeliness. While now I feel that they are all self-service online operations, with higher efficiency and lower costs. With all these factors, our competitiveness is stronger.”

The Wuhan branch of this bank has continuously improved the scale. And quality as well as efficiency of industrial chain financial services through digital transformation. As well as other methods. Such as making industrial chain finance an important breakthrough for small and micro enterprises to solve the “financing difficulties and expensive financing.”

At present, the bank’s Wuhan branch’s online automatic lending ratio for financial services including new minibus for sale has reached 50%. More than 200 companies use online automatic lending to finance every day. And the average daily financing lending in the peak sales season is close to 1 billion yuan. It is expected to basically realize online lending in 2021. And better serve small and medium-sized enterprises in the automobile industry chain.

This well-known bank’s auto finance business originated in Wuhan. Over the past 20 years, it has actively guaranteed the financing needs of upstream and downstream SMEs in the auto industry chain. Moreover, it created characteristic and inclusive financial service products. In the new year, the Wuhan branch of this bank will adhere to customer-centricity. Also continue to promote digital services, fulfill the mission and responsibility of state-owned enterprises. And fully support the development of the real economy.



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