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Fastest Max Speed and Most Fashionable Best 7 Seater Van

How many seats are in a van? Normally, a van has 7seats or 9seats, it won’t above 9seats. Van with three-row seats has a great seating experience. Today, let’s take a look at the best 7 seater van from KINGSTAR.

This model M50J the best 7 seater van is one of our hot sale products, the fashion exterior shape was loved by our clients, especially those young people or business people.

Best 7 Seater Van

Firstly, let’s take a look at the exterior of the van

The overall size of the best 7 seater van is 4,900 * 1,835 *1,890mm, the wheelbase of the van is 2950mm. We have both manual and automatic gearboxes for this van. This van could be left-hand driving and right-hand driving to meet the different countries’ different standards.

Best 7 Seater Van

Secondly, let’s check the interior of the van

We have three versions of the van, the standard type, the luxury type, and the super luxury type. The standard type with a manual 5 speed (DAE) gearbox, the luxury type with a 6DCT gearbox, and the super luxury type also equipped with a 6DCT gearbox. Different types with different features. You may choose it depends on your own budget or needs.

The specifications of the best 7 seater van

People always want a great speed car when they have a great experience of driving. The max speed of this minivan is ≥170km per hour. The fuel tank volume of the van is 65L. The seating capacity of the minivan is 7 seats including the driver, it is a really best 7 seater van.

The chassis of the van

The front suspension of the three versions is the same: McPherson front independent suspension and rear is torsion beam rear suspension. The braking system for the standard type is the front disc rear disc. The luxury type and super luxury type braking system are ventilation discs/drums. ABS + EBD, hydraulic double return circuit vacuum booster system, and hand braking system are available for the three versions. Tires (215 / 65 R16) on the three versions are the same, but the spare tire is a Michelin tire for super-luxury type.

For more information on the engine and transmission, please feel free to contact us.



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