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All Kinds of Factory Vehicle Types from KINGSTAR Brand

As you may know, the factory has many vehicles, but do you know what kind of vehicle types do they have? Today we will take a look at all kinds of factory vehicle types from the KINGSTAR brand.

Factory vehicle types from KINGSTAR

As a professional automobile exporter, in the past 18 years, we have exported our vehicles to over 90 countries and regions. Our products range covers Minibus, Minivan, Bus, Cargo Van, Truck, Pickup, SUV, MPV, and EV (Electric vehicle). Of course, electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular among these vehicles as per the demands from all over the world.

Fuel type and electric SUV from KINGSTAR factory vehicle types

Recently, we received quite a lot of inquiries from our clients that they are searching for all kinds of SUVs. We will show you one of our hot sale SUV models with fuel type and electric type.

Firstly, is our fuel type SUV – model S60DY SUV

This SUV is available in both LHD and RHD versions which are suitable for every market. For this model, we have three versions for your kind consideration.  

Factory Vehicle

These three versions are 2.0T engines with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The overall dimension is 4,771 * 1,870 * 1,828mm, the front wheelbase of the SUV is 1,580mm, the rear wheelbase of the SUV is 1,580mm. The max curb mass of the vehicle is 1,995kg (each version will be a little bit different). The max speed of the SUV is 160km per hour. The ground clearance of the SUV is 217mm. We have both 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive for your kind consideration. The front suspension of the SUV is double-wishbone independent suspension and the rear is a five-link suspension. And we equipped hydraulic power steering for this SUV. It is worth mentioning that for a 4-wheel drive we have CE certification for the LHD version. If your market requires this certification, please send us your inquiry freely.

Secondly, is our electric SUV from our KINGSTAR factory vehicle types

Factory Vehicle

For this model, we also have both 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive for your consideration. The overall dimension of the vehicle is 3,695 * 1,685 * 1,595mm, the wheelbase of the small SUV is 2,410mm. For this fashionable SUV, we equipped 4 seats including the driver seat. The curb weight of the vehicle is 1,250kg. The max speed of the SUV is over 120km per hour, and the full climbing max gradient is over 30%. The max speed of the SUV is over 120km per hour. The comprehensive operating range mileage of the small SUV is over 255km, which is very suitable for working in the city or sub-city. With a very fast charge time of 0.5h and a slow charge time of 8h. For this small SUV, we are using a ternary lithium battery and the battery level is 34kWh. The front suspension of the SUV is McPherson’s independent suspension. The braking system of the vehicle is ventilated disc/disc.

Factory Vehicle

We are also applying the CE certification for this model and the certification will be released no later than March 2022.

Should you have any inquiries about these two vehicles or our factory vehicle, please feel free to contact us.



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