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The first National VI 8AT prototype from our factory auto

Our factory auto establishes a manufacturing base for automobiles and auto parts. Committed to the R&D and manufacturing of light passenger products. Covering all short-axis, middle-axis, and long-axis products. And covering passenger transportation, public transportation, groups, and special-purpose vehicles such as medical vehicles, police vehicles, and caravans. Recently, the first National VI 8AT prototype from our factory auto was successfully debugged and rolled off the production line. And entered the stage of vehicle performance test and verification.

our factory auto

The National VI 8AT project is one of the key development projects from our factory auto.

There are more new functions for the 8AT of this sample minibus, such as smart shift function, abuse protection function, engine speed control function, self-learning, and self-adaptive function.  The gearbox of the sample has higher efficiency, which can make the vehicle shift more smoothly. The setting of multiple gears optimizes the economic speed ratio of the whole car and is more fuel-efficient.

our factory auto

The trial production task of the prototype vehicle is to be reformed on the original test vehicle with twin manual transmissions. In the reform task, the engine, gearbox, and rear axle of the whole vehicle need to be replaced. And other components such as instrument panel assembly and pipe beam need to be replaced.

The assembly shop completed all the disassembly and installation of the prototype in less than one day. For example, an efficient assembly restructuring can not be separated from the skilled assembly skills of the workshop personnel. But also benefit from the universal design of technology. In order to ensure the maximum generalization of the model, the technicians fully communicated and coordinated with the gearbox company. And completed the design and carrying trial production of the prototype in a short time. Which facilitated the storage management, production, and assembly, and greatly saved the company’s economic cost and time cost.

The successful roll-off of the prototype of the National VI 8AT indicates the R&D technology level of our factory auto. It is becoming more and more mature, and it also lays a solid technical foundation for subsequent market development. Per the report, the prototype has completed the preliminary basic debugging. And is about to enter the winter calibration link. Technicians strive to fully verify the vehicle’s performance and realize the vehicle sales as soon as possible.

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