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New energy vehicles are a very hot topic and popular more and more now.  This year, the export of new energy vehicles helps the rapid growth of China’s export vehicle.

export vehicle

1. From January to September in 2021, China’s export vehicle increased by 110.7% year on year.

According to China’s customs statistics, from January to September 2021, China exported 1.493 million vehicles (including chassis), up 110.7% year on year (the same below), and the value of export vehicle was US$ 24.06 billion, up 124.6% year on year. There are two reasons for the year-on-year growth of exports: first, the export base level is low due to the epidemic situation in the same period in 2020. Second, the current international market demand continues to recover.

2. New energy vehicle export pulls China’s export vehicle.

From the perspective of export vehicle market, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Australia, and Belgium are the top five export destinations of our automobile exports, accounting for 30.9% of our total automobile exports.

Among them, the export value of our cars to Chile was 1.24 billion US dollars, up by 253.9%, and the passenger cars with less than nine seats contributed a lot to the export value growth, with the export value of 327 million US dollars in the first three quarters, up by 502.5% year-on-year.

Exports to Saudi Arabia amounted to 1.35 billion US dollars, up by 15.2%. Which mainly focused on gasoline-type and small-displacement passenger cars, both of which increased by more than 50% year on year.

Exports to Russia reached 1.37 billion US dollars, an increase of 225.8%. Cars under 1.5 liters played the biggest role in driving Russia’s exports. In the first three quarters, exports increased nearly 11 times year-on-year.

The export value to Australia was 1.31 billion US dollars, up by 289.7%. The export growth was mainly due to the growth of new energy vehicle exports. In the first three quarters, the export value of new energy vehicles to Australia was 324 million US dollars (only 2.429 million US dollars in the same period last year).

Exports to Belgium amounted to US$ 1.96 billion, up by 1009.1%.  It is also mainly driven by the export of pure electric manned new energy vehicles.

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