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Eleven Useful And Practical Tips When Buying A Minibus

Are you plan to buy a minibus? Do you know what you should pay attention to when buying a minibus?

Today we are going to share some useful and practical tips:

First of all, check the status of the minibus when you buy the minibus

① The painting of the minibus

Check the flatness of the body steel plate and bumper. No abnormal dents for bulges should appear. Also look carefully at all parts of the paint, especially those parts easy to scratching during transportation. The color of the car surface should be coordinated, uniform, full, flat, and smooth, with no pinholes, pitting, wrinkle, bubbles, flow marks, and scratches, etc.,

Buying A Minibus

② The interior of the minibus

The window of the minibus should rise and fall freely and fluently, up to the top, down to the bottom. Front seats can be moved freely, and a number of positions can be fixed for passengers to choose the appropriate seat. The softening interior of the door and car should be installed in place and should not be loosened when push or pull by hand.

Buying A Minibus

③ Check the chassis and battery when buying a minibus

The new minibus may also have oil leakage. Get down to check if there is an oil point on the ground or not, if there is clean on the chassis. The battery of a new car has nothing to check, only to check whether the connector is corroded and see if the small window is green. If the battery connector is loose, tighten it before driving away.

④ Check the trunk when buying a minibus

Check if the space of the trunk is clear or not, or the sidelining of the truck is flat. If it is opened by remote control or opens it by button, you should check if the process is fluent or the locking of the minibus is reliable.

⑤ Engine of the minibus

The engine is almost the most important part of the minibus. Open the engine cover, check whether the engine and accessories have oil or dust. Especially check if there is a leakage in the cylinder head and cylinder block connector, oil filter interface, air conditioning compressor, steering booster pump, driveshaft, and other joint cracks.

⑥ Tires on the minibus

When you buying a minibus, you should check if the tires are good, the wheels are clear, no scratches or sunken. And you should ask the pressure of the tire or measure it to ensure the tire is at normal pressure if it is consistent with the four-wheel pressure. At the same time, you should push from the side, pull the tire on the side to check it is loose or not. It is a disc brake, you should check whether the brake disc is intact, there should be no obvious abrasion or dirt.

⑦ Driving experience

Adjust the left and right rearview mirrors, and fasten your safety belt to start driving. You should feel the steering wheel is flexible and smooth. Normally, the accelerator of a new car is slightly slow, but after the point, it should accelerate free. When opening the air condition compressor of the minibus, the accelerator should feel no pressure and can feel the cooling from the outlet within 10 seconds.

Secondly, check the procedures before you pay.

① Buying a minibus invoice

Invoice is the most important document for you to buying a minibus. It records the information of the buyer, the price of the minibus, the VIN number of the minibus, and other important information. When installing the license of the minibus it plays a very important role. So when you buying a minibus, you should ask for the invoice and confirm the validity of the invoice.

Vehicle certificate

A vehicle certificate is another important certificate of the car. Only with the certificate, the minibus can meet the national quality of motor vehicle equipment and relative standards was allowed to license. If there is no vehicle certificate, your minibus is also not able to license.

③ After service

According to relevant regulations, in a certain period of time and driving mileage. If the minibus is due to manufacturing quality problems caused by the breakdown or damage, with three guarantees service card can enjoy the manufacturer’s free service.

④ Check the nameplate

Check the displacement, date of delivery, engine number, and other information on the nameplate. The number on the certificate must the consistent with the engine number and frame number of the minibus.

Above are the tips for you to buying a minibus, hope it could be helpful for you. KINGSTAR will do the quality control carefully before shipping.

How to buy Minibus from KINGSTAR:

We KINGSTAR is a professional auto factory, wholesaler and trader from China. We not only produce minibus and minivan, also a special dealer for various vehicles, such as cars and truck. All our minibus or other vehicles will go through 100% inspection before shipping. In the past 18 years, we have exported to over 90 countries or regions. Such as, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and so on. All our exported products have been proved to be strongly marketable in overseas markets with good quality and reasonable pricing. You can contact with our sales for purchasing a minibus.

Below is a brief introduction of our hot sale minibus model JC6.

JC6 is a 17 seat capacity minibus, the dimension of the minibus is 5,995 * 2,040 * 2,645 / 2,745mm, the wheelbase of the minibus is 3,720mm. The standard driving type of the minibus is left-hand driving, but right-hand driving also could be available as an optional choice. The engine model of the minibus is DK5B which is a diesel engine. The emission of the minibus is EURO IV; the displacement of the minibus is 2.982L. The rated output of the minibus is 110/3400 kW/rpm, the max torque of the minibus is 330/1600-2400 N.m/rpm.

The seating capacity of the minibus is 17seats, the layout of the seats is 2+2+3+3+3+4, the material of the seat is fabric. The clutch of the minibus is a single disc, hydraulic control; the transmission type of the minibus is manual 6 speeds, flexible shaft control. The front tires of the minibus are 225/75R16LT, the rear tires of the minibus are 6.50R16LT radial tires. The braking system of the minibus is disc/drum, ABS + EBD, initiative vacuum booster. The body structure of the minibus is fully integral. The front suspension of the minibus is the front double-wishbone independent suspension; the rear suspension is the rear variable-rate leaf spring, power steering system. The rear axle of the minibus is an integral pressing axle.

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Buying A Minibus



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