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China’s lithium battery export from electric vehicle battery manufacturers have maintained rapid growth

Now, the electric vehicle is popular more and more, so demand for the battery is also high.  China’s lithium battery export from electric vehicle battery manufacturers has maintained rapid growth.

In the first ten months, the export of lithium batteries from electric vehicle battery manufacturers in China increased by 74% year on year.

electric vehicle battery manufacturers

Driven by the demand for new energy vehicles, consumer electronics and other downstream fields, China’s lithium-ion battery industry has maintained high prosperity. And both production and export from electric vehicle battery manufacturers have maintained a high growth year on year.

According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, from January to October 2021, the cumulative production of lithium-ion batteries in China was 18.7 billion, a year-on-year increase of 27.8%. According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs, China’s lithium-ion battery exports reached US$ 21.76 billion in the same period, up by 74.2% year-on-year, up by 106% compared with the same period in 2019, with an average growth rate of 43.5% in two years. The high prosperity of the downstream industry will support the continuous growth of the production and export of lithium-ion batteries in China, and the annual export volume is expected to reach US$ 28 billion, with an increase of 75%.

The United States, Germany, Vietnam, South Korea, and other four countries together accounted for 49% of China’s lithium-ion battery exports, an increase of about 6 percentage points compared with the same period last year. The year-on-year growth rates of exports from electric vehicle battery manufacturers were 86%, 124%, 97%, and 92%, respectively, which were higher than the industry export growth rates.

The electric version is also available for our minibusses from 2-28 seats.

We have 2 to 28 seats minibusses with gasoline or diesel engine, the electric version is also suitable for these buses

Here is the specification for electric 2-11 seats minibus for your reference first.  

electric vehicle battery manufacturers

Length (mm):     4421

Width (mm):       1677

Height (mm):      1902

Wheelbase (mm):    3050

Curb Weight (kg):    1430

Gross Weight (kg):  2570

Seats No. (person):      2-11 seats

Total Battery Storage (kwh):      39.9

Max. Speed(km/h): ≥80

Slope Climbing Requirement:   ≥20

Energy Density of Battery System (wh/kg):  ≥125

Max. Range of Pure Electricity (km, VMAS):      ≥261

Charging Time

Fast Charge 20-80%: 45min

Slow Charge 20-100%: 10-11h

Battery Type:     LFP

Motor Type:       Permanent Magnet Synchronous

If you are interested in any model or battery from electric vehicle battery manufacturers, please let us know. 



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