KINGSTAR is one of the professional auto suppliers and exporter. Our cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, buses, compact minivan, and electric vehicles are known for being efficient. They are having an innovative style and in a good performance.

Among the product ranges, the electric minivan can be a great option for businesses as they are cheap to run. And they are also reliable and designed with the needs of many businesses in mind. Here in KINGSTAR, we offer a range of electric minivan that cover a wide variety of business needs. With ever-increasing ranges and zero tailpipe emissions, many of these electric vans make excellent business vehicles.

compact minivan

As more people in the world prefer to adopt electric vans and commercial vehicles, KINGSTAR’s manufacturers are working hard to keep up with demand. It is rolling out an impressive selection of dedicated commercial electric vans. There are electric vans and minibus to suit many types of business from an electric minivan. These are designed for relatively light loads and city driving to durable large vans with a loading volume of 13m³ and a  payload capacity of over 1,000kg.

compact minivan


Electric compact minivan are ideal as they offer fast, reliable service as well as increased fuel efficiency and lower running and maintenance costs. One of the biggest pushes in the last few years has been a move from petrol and diesel-based vehicles for business to cleaner electric alternatives. Electric minivan is playing a big part in lowering carbon emissions. With a growing selection of fully electric vehicles and greater, more affordable access to renewable energy resources. And businesses can have a positive impact on the environment by switching to the electric compact minivan. One of the main differences in driving electric minivan versus petrol or diesel vehicles is fuel. Nobody would like to spend time at gas stations. When you choose to drive an electric compact minivan, stopping to fill up your car will become a thing of the past.

Many electric compact minivan owners prefer to choose to charge their electric compact minivan at home overnight.

It is easy for charging at home, just like plugging in your smartphone or laptop. Charging your EV at home is simple and all you need is a home charging unit.

  • Firstly, these durable chargers are suitable to install in a garage, or on your driveway, and will connect to your mains power supply.
  • Secondly, once plugged in, your car will start charging immediately.
  • Thirdly, it just a few hours for charging fully.
  • Fourthly, many vehicles have a compatible smartphone app so that you can keep an eye on the car charge level.

The other option for charging the electric compact minivan is to charge their vehicles at a public charging station.

compact minivan

These charging stations often supply fast charging units. They are capable of charging your electric compact minivan to 80% capacity within an hour.

  • Firstly, it is now easier and convenient than ever to find a charging station for your electric compact minivan with the wide use of the network.
  • Secondly, it is now easier than ever to plan long-distance journeys where you may need to top up your electric compact minivan’ charge.

The intelligent, interactive charging point map lets you find your nearest EV charging station, plan longer journeys. And see online the updates on availability at every public charging point in the country for your electric compact minivan. You can enter your search by location, charger type, and payment term so you can find the best charging station. So that too quickly for your electric compact minivan.

There are a number of incentives to help businesses and fleet owners switch to the electric minivan. It can help save thousands of costs. The Government provides certainly favorable off the price of an eligible fully electric minivan. As well as offering grants to help towards the installation of charge points within the workplace offering grants. Government grants, encourage people to use an electric compact minivan. It greatly brings significant fuel savings and hugely reduced repair and maintenance costs. By making the switch to an electric compact minivan, businesses can also enhance their green credentials. And also deliver on corporate responsibility pledges to cut carbon emissions.



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