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Do you like a 2 or 4 wheel drive minivan?

There are 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive minivan, which one will you choose?  First, let’s know more about 2 and 4 wheels drive.

With the popularity of automobiles, it has entered thousands of households and become a common means of transportation.  According to the different driving methods, it is divided into four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive mode. The configuration of a four-wheel drive is higher than that of a two-wheel drive. And the price of a four-wheel drive is more expensive than that of a two-wheel drive. The same for minibus vehicles.

1. Two-wheel drive minibus are front drive and rear drive.

Two-wheel drive models: front-drive with front-wheel driving and rear-drive with rear-wheel driving. Compared with the rear drive, due to the engine compartment and important parts are in the front of the car. Therefore, the steering system of the front-drive is quite heavy. And the body maneuverability is not inferior to that of the rear drive.

2. Four-wheel drive: timely four-wheel drive, part-time 4-wheel drive, and full-time four-wheel drive.

If you see a minibus with the words “4X4” and “4WD”, it is a minibus with a four-wheel drive. The four-wheel-drive system is a timely four-wheel drive, part-time 4wd, and full-time four-wheel drive.

a Timely four-wheel drive is relatively widely used, which is usually driven by two wheels. 

When the driving wheels slip, it will switch to four-wheel drive and then return to two-wheel drive, which is not a pure four-wheel-drive system. Just-in-time drive is a four-wheel-drive system that appears only at an appropriate time, and it is still a two-wheel drive in general.  Its appearance not only reduces the cost of building four-wheel-drive vehicles but also brings good fuel economy to users.

The switch between the two wheels and the four wheels is automatically recognized. Which does not need manual control and is convenient to operate the minibus.

b, The part-time 4wd needs a combination of hardware, and the driver’s driving skills will be higher.

The driver needs to cut off or join the transfer case according to the road conditions to realize the free switching between the four-wheel drive and the two-wheel drive.

Part-time 4wd is on the off-road or rugged road, and the performance of the minibus is obvious.  However, due to the need for money and hardware equipment for a timely four-wheel drive, the body is heavy. So the fuel consumption cost will be relatively high.

c, Full-time four-wheel drive means that all wheels of a car move independently at any time.

Full-time four-wheel drive has a better driving foundation than two-wheel drive: better power, traction, better driving experience, safer driving, and more stable driving.

Compared with the two-wheel-drive model. The advantage of four-wheel drive is that it can drive more stably on slippery roads and turns. But the disadvantage is the fuel cost is relatively high.

The stability of the two-wheel drive system is inferior to that of the four-wheel drive system. But it is more economical and applicable because of its low production cost, low pricing, and low fuel consumption.

Which one you prefer, a 2 or 4 wheel drive minivan? 

It is based on practicability, considering its own economic strength, vehicle demand, and other comprehensive aspects before purchasing.  If you use a minibus in the city, 2 wheel drive is enough. 

Among our range, 4 wheel drive minivan is not available, but 2 wheel drive 2-28 seat minivans or minibus from our factory are also quite popular for overseas markets. 

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.

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